Monday, July 2, 2007

Empty Nest Syndrome

..literally, the nest is empty.
Our little birdie-baby friends have grown up, taken flight, and left their cozy little nest above our front door. Sniff..sniff. No more waking up Maya and saying 'Good morning birdies!' .. and no more wishing the birdies 'good night' at the end of the day. No more scaring years off of their lives by climbing a ladder to peer into the nest. :) I miss them already!
The photo to the left is of the last baby, just before I frightened him into taking his first flight and forever leaving the nest. oops.

This past weekend we took a road trip to Tiny Town. Very cute little place - a bunch of 'tiny' buildings/houses/etc.. and a little train you can ride around the area. Maya, loving her trains, had the time of her life!

In other news.. my nephew is flying here tomorrow to visit for a week. Should be fun - he is 16.. so I'm anticipating a lot of begging for car drives! I'm also anticipating some learnings.. as I can always count on my nephews to bring me up-to-speed on the latest slang expressions, etc. It's often scary.. but it's probably a good thing that they keep us educated.
When did I become old anyway???

I've begun planning Maya's christening. It is going to take place in early August, back in my hometown. I want my parents to be there.. and my mom can't travel right now due to the chemo. Soo.. the party comes to them!
Today I received the dress that I ordered for Maya - OMG! It is seriously THE most beautiful thing I have seen for a little girl. She tried it on.. and even she was a bit overwhelmed. :) Portraits will be taken prior to the baptism! H
opefully I can get her to stand still long enough. She definitely can't run in this dress.. I need to try getting it shortened a little. I can foresee some tragic outbursts if she can't walk.
I also just ordered the invites for the event. CRIMINY! A bit more pricey than I had anticipated. Oh well. It's a once-in-a-lifetime event right? Thank goodness the guest list is tiny. yipes.

I guess that's it for today - happy Monday!

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Amanda said...

Happy Monday! I can't wait to see new pictures. You always take such great shots of Maya. Hope the journey to your next blessing is short.