Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Buckle Baby

I love it when I have a new blog to follow! :) Our friends who are traveling to India in 2!!!!!! days now, have started a blog to document their travels. Can't wait to hear all about their journey! Check it out - bringinghomeraina.blogspot.com.
So I've felt very boring and not worth blogging lately. I know, I know.. must have been some darn chilly days in hell recently! I must have some updates, so here are a few random things that are somewhat new in our lives...
  • Maya's most favorite topic of conversation and most fun activity is 'buckling'. Buckling her baby doll (that she "borrowed" from her friend O) into baby doll's stroller (that she also "borrowed" from her friend O). I wake up at 3 am and hear from the monitor.. "buckle baby.. baby buckle.. daddy buckle.. buckle.. labba buckle.. buckle baby". So this must mean that she is even DREAMING about buckling! Cute yes. Monotonous.. well.. a little bit. ;)
  • We made a visit to the in-laws a couple wks ago. I haven't been out there in a few years (not intentional - just the way things happened to work out due to the fertility drugs/doc appmts, medical issues, maya's adoption), and Maya had never been there.. so it was a very nice trip. Maya fell in love with Granddad's tractor - she is scared to death of the vacuum, but loves the horrendously loud tractor. ?? I had almost forgotten how amazingly beautiful it is in upstate NY! Sadly, we only stayed a few days. We are hoping to make it out there for at least a week next summer. We're planning a long drive at some point so that we can bring out the boat. We didn't realize when we moved west, how there is just NO water for boating in a desert region. Shocking isn't it?
  • The black coloring that I had accidentally dumped too much of into our backyard pond/water feature a couple of months ago (to kill the algae prob).. has finally faded away to the point of our being able to see our fish very well. Yay! I had thought we had maybe 12.. but now I see that we have maybe 20.. plus lord knows how many baby fish and mosquito fish (mosquito fish are actual fish that eat mosquito larvae). We also are not having a mosquito problem in our backyard so far this summer. Hm. Maybe our neighbors were right and it WAS our pond. I guess that the fish are working better than the mosquito 'blocks' that supposedly kill all of the larvae. Or.. could be that it is due to the fact that the developers who are working on what was once open space behind us.. finally drained the huge lake/pond/swamp that had been stagnating for the past 2 years.
  • Anyhow, let me say again that I'm most excited about my fish pond. :))
  • Maya's baptism is coming up in less than 2 wks! And, so fun, one of my best friends and one of Aj's best friends will both be traveling to be there - so it should be a grande time! {oh - and of COURSE we are excited about seeing all of our family.. didn't mean to leave that out!}
  • The IRS is our friend. yay! :)
  • Big Love has gotten quite good lately. {HBO} Anyone else out there who refuses to leave the house on Monday nights in order to not miss it?
  • Still have not rec'd our completed HomeStudy in order to ship it off to Secretary of State for apostilling. Hoping it gets here soon.. I'm in 'checking the mailbox twice per day' mode. We are SOO looking forward to getting a referral! And since there have been many boy as well as girl referrals lately, we are SOO looking forward to finding out if Maya will have a brother or a sister!
  • and of course we are just realizing that we will have two toddlers soon. Hide everything!
  • My mom is still going thru chemo. I think she might be at the 1/2-way point as of this week. Or - we hope it's the 1/2-way point. Will know more in early October. She's doing ok.. holding her own. Not a fun time. And Dad is going to have knee replacement surgery in early September. Much needed tho - hope the recovery isn't too long. Don't you wish that you could just transport yourself occasionally to the days when you were a kid and your parents were big and strong and somewhat superhuman?


Happily watching said...

Hi Amy,
I am your sister's friend from high school. She notified me of your adoption process back when you were in India picking up Maya. It has been fun tagging along watching your family grow.

I am in Rochester, NY and saw that your inlaws are in upstate and that you were here. I don't know much about the blog process, but can you say where you were in upstate?? Were you near Rochester??
Anyways, keep up the good work with Maya--- and I mean work.. I have a 14, 11 and 8 year old at home.

Becky (my sister is Karen--from your class???? or was Louie with you?? )

Amy said...

Hi Becky! (hopefully you will see this at some point!).. I can say that the inlaws live on the St Lawrence River. It's so nice up there! And it was Karen who was in my class. Hope she is doing well?
Congrats on your family - and good luck with those teenage years!! :)

Nadra said...

OK...our kiddos must be channeling the same words. Ian has quite the fascination with "buckle" too. His favorite thing is to say "Ian buckle, OK momma?" He tries. I'm afraid he's going to figure out how to UN buckle his car seat soon.

Can't wait to hear if Maya is having a brother or sister.