Tuesday, July 3, 2007


People often ask me what the most difficult part of the adoption process is - besides the obvious difficulty of waiting for your child. Funny that I had forgotten this.. but something happened today that also happened with our first adoption process. The dossier!! Not that the dossier is, in itself, a horrible nightmare. No - it's the PEOPLE that you are working with that make it a nightmare. Noo.. not the agency reps.. but the people who have to have their signature notarized!!
Seriously, if you were helping someone to bring home an orphaned child and build their family - would you NOT be willing to do anything that you can to help both the child and the family?? Ok obviously not everyone feels this way.
Last time it was the local police dept. I haven't contacted them yet, so could be the same this time (lets hope not - they delayed us almost 2 months last time).
Today it was my doctor's office. Not my doctor - if she was this rude I would not be a patient. Here is how it played out:
I arrive at the office and approach the desk. A somewhat bored-looking person is there to help me.
I tell her "We are adopting a child, and I have a document that my doctor needs to sign and have notarized for me".
She replies: "I'm sorry, we don't have a notary anymore"
I reply: "No problem, I'm sure we can figure something out. Could you please get this form and my message to her?" I hold out our document to her.
She replies: "I'M SORRY but we do not have a notary" and refuses to take the document from my hand.
I reply: "Ok, well I would be happy to make arrangements and meet her at my local bank which is ~2 blocks away, or anyplace that she finds convenient"
She replies: "I'm sorry, we don't have a notary so we can't help you".. and pushes the document back to me
Me: "No problem - just have her call me and work it out"
Her: "I don't know what you are going to do, but we can't help you" and again pushes the document to me
Me: "Well, we cannot adopt our child without this form notarized. Could you please just have her call me?"
Her: "I guess I can ask her, but she is out until Thursday and she can't help you"
Me: "I can wait - please have her call me"
Her: "Well, I will tell her, but we can't help you"
Me: "PLEASE have her simply call me"
She then took the form, put a post-it on it with my phone # - no note or words - and bid me farewell.



Adoption Blog said...

Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! These people tick me off! I know exactly what you mean!

Hang in there...will this make you fell better?...stupid people are all over the world!

Thxs for posting on my blog and for your sweet words on Bhavishya and Pashmina. BTW what is the name of yours? A Lab, right?

Nadra said...

Amy...be sure to tell your doctor how this person acted. I'm a medical practice administrator and if one of my employees acted that way...they would no longer be one of my employees. Physicians don't usually tolerate people that treat their patients that way.

Hang in there girl...the dossier part will soon be over.

Amanda said...

I know the frustration. I refuse to go to a certain branch of the post office. If I dio go in there the guy doesn't remember it, but it is still fresh in my mind. Keep at it. It will be over before you know it.

Pam said...

My sympathies friend. Remember my horror story about my fingerprints? I had people at our senator's office on the case I made so many phone calls about it. Just keep plugging away. You will be on the waiting list soon!!
Hugs to you!!!

Starfish said...

You are a better woman than I. I would have decked her...well, not really...but I would've been pretty nasty back. What, like you're not going to be able to adopt because she doesn't have a notary? Really now. Some people!