Monday, July 16, 2007

Babies and.. Babies

So it just hit me today that we could potentially receive a referral within the next month.
That is mere DAYS from now! ACK!
Yes, very exciting! I'm working like mad on completing the dossier, and we are so close that occasionally I feel the need to just jump up and down like a small child who needs to urinate. ;) I just want to yell.. 'Come ONNNNNN!!' Hm.. it is quite possible that I could soon become annoying. (if you already think i'm annoying, you are probably right, but please keep it to yourself.. haha!) I'm now trying to be very helpful to my friends who owe us letters, etc.. by Mapquesting the nearest FedEx dropoffs for them, referring them to our notaries, etc. How dare they have busy lives and cannot drop everything for us!!
Ok so maybe I AM already annoying. Haa.. seriously I do understand their delays and hope they read this and recognize my most sincere public apology if I have nagged them! :)
Just waiting for 3 outstanding items before shipping everything to Sec of State(s).. and then it is complete. Well, complete on my end. Our agency has to do some other things with it before it goes to India.. but at least that completes our input for the time being.
So if the referral came through in August.. depending on the crazy judge situation in India, we could be traveling sometime b/t February and April of 2008. And you never know.. maybe even earlier than that!! ..but we'll try not to think of best-case scenerios.. better to prep for a long wait. We were super-lucky with our first adoption, I just can't imagine that we would be so incredibly lucky the 2nd time. I know another family who had a great 1st experience and then waited - I think maybe it was ~1 year after referral for their 2nd child due to India holdups. That would be soo heart-breaking, I pray that doesn't happen.
Anyhow, I think this is really hitting me now b/c we have friends who are traveling within the next couple of weeks to pick up their sweet little baby. Even Maya's nanny is getting a little anxious. She wanted to know if I had thought about how different life was going to be, and how much busier I will be soon. I think she is trying to say 'start expecting to clean your own house instead of having me do it every week'. ;))) LOL!
Yesterday we visited some friends of ours who have a 4-month old baby and a 2 1/2 yr old boy. They had a little doll baby and stroller that Maya immediately latched on to. Luckily, they were currently not 'into' that toy - so Maya got to borrow it! Good thing, as she screamed every time she had to leave it for even a minute after that point (which is new for her). Yipes. So maybe she is getting some good prep for the new brother or sister she will soon have!


Nadra said...

Oh exciting for you. I can't wait to hear of your referral news. Yay!!!

Pam said...

Wow a month. How cool would THAT be?! I can't wait to meet baby #2!!
Maya is such a doll btw. ;o)