Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

The 13th was Devika's 2nd birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEVI!!!
Yes, this is a late post. I wrote most of this ON her b-day.. but alas.. was unable to finish until today! Life just gets in the way these days!
This was a pretty lo-key birthday for her. We are not throwing her 'real' party until September 12th - when we are throwing one big bash for both girls together (Maya's b-day is 9/9). On the 13th, we had some cake/ice-cream and opened presents. As she has no idea what any of this is anyhow.. I don't think she minded!
It's a good thing that we did not plan a big party for the actual date. Maya came down with the flu last week, and her pediatrician was 98% sure that it was the H1N1/Swine flu. Whatever flu it was, it was nasty. It hit her Monday afternoon, and she was more sick that night and the entire next day than I have ever seen her. Since they started her on Tamiflu, she improved quickly.
Luckily, Devi and the rest of us did not pick up this flu. I have been sick with some type of cold virus the past few days.. but I don't think it is the flu. No fever.. and according to Maya's pediatrician, the local strain of the H1N1 flu is characterized by high fever and body aches. I'm sure I just have some other crazy virus that I picked up from the kids! Hopefully I feel better tomorrow. Sure is difficult to single-parent two little kids when you feel like not moving from your bed. ugh. Of course Aj has been traveling this week - and uber-busy when he isn't.
Speaking of my baby girl though.. Devi has now been evaluated by a few different OT's and they all have come to the same decision - that she has sensory processing disorder. She actually, to me (and Aj), seems to be getting worse rather than better - when you look over her behavior compared to her timeline of being home. I'm glad we had her evaluated and have begun therapy. She needs it.
The poor girl - she has the sensory issues that cause her to need 'overstimulation'. She runsrunsruns and smacks herself into things constantly (on purpose). She rarely stops running or climbing. She hurts herself on a regular basis and doesn't 'learn' from these instances. She will continue to bang her head against something - or climb back onto something she fell from, throw herself from something, etcetc. She is a holy terror at playgrounds. I made the mistake of taking both Devika and Maya to a park recently - and had to spend the ENTIRE time managing Devi. She FLEW up to the highest point of the playground equipment - while I was chasing her (not so easy for mommy to fit thru these stupid things!) and was getting ready to throw herself down a very tall and steep slide - just before I reached her.
And good lord, if you stop her from doing something that might kill her (or if you EVER - no matter how nicely - tell her 'no') - prepare for uber-tantrum. She still throws her head and body back - no matter what might or might not be behind her - and shrieks/rolls around/'pinballs' from one structure to another. It is very exhausting (for me, obviously not for her!).
I also found out, interestingly enough, that her velcro-chewing-fetish is a sign of this disorder. Nice to know, as I was beginning to wonder if she was part puppy. ;) And actually she doesn't chew the velcro - she licks it. Interesting. Shoes, toys, chair cushions, you name it. The OT said that it is actually a good thing for her right now, as it is a calming mechanism for her. So now I'm looking for a sensory toy that she can lick safely. I think I"ll just get her a stuffed toy that has different textures on it (you know - the baby toy/baby blankets that you see all over).. and stick some velcro pieces to it.
Devi is also being tested b/c she is not growing properly. She is still under the 3% point for everything.. and has only managed to gain 2 lbs since February. Her doctor is very concerned. We are doing a bunch of labwork and looking for anything disease/disorder related. Her doctor is hoping that something turns up - as that will be treatable. We have also been referred to a doctor in the nutrtion clinic at the Children's Hospital. Thank GOD we live only 30 minutes from that hospital - as we have been there so very often now.
Devi's pediatrician told me that if nothing changes soon.. we will likely be doing growth hormones when she is preschool age. Another referral to another Children's Hospital doctor. My life is spent at doctors and therapists lately! Not that I am complaining though.. I feel so sorry for Devika having to go through all of this. I hope it isn't a difficult road to get her on track.
Other than that, only other new things are that the girls both started school today - FINALLY! It officially began last week, but the flu prevented me from sending them until today. Actually.. Maya attended on Monday, but Devi had labwork on that day. It's a church-preschool, and they are both going to attend 3 days/week. This way I can try to get back into working a little. I hope Devika works out ok in this school - I'm a tad concerned. But we'll see. If not, I'll pull her out and deal with it. I'd just like to do some work and try to make a bit of an income.
A few people have asked about my mom.. she is doing ok these days. Well.. as 'ok' as she can be. Still on chemo every week.. still losing weight (she is a toothpick).. still always exhausted. She has been fighting some major depression lately, so her doctor is hooking her up with some therapy and a change in some meds. I very much hope this helps her. Can't blame her for being depressed, that's for sure. She has been such a strong fighter for so very long, it must be ungodly difficult for her. She has been on chemo, fighting this recurrence now for 2 1/2 years. Scary scary scary. We're going to visit her next week. I hope she is ok enough to enjoy the girls a little bit.
So that's the latest. Personally, I'm just spending my time taking care of the girls and feeling guilty that I have no time to pull the ungodly amt of weeds in our yard. I miss doing landscaping work.. but have found that there is just NO time for this unless both girls nap (HA!). Maya hates hot weather, so she won't go outside with me when it is hot - and it has been quite warm lately. Hopefully I'll have some time for this when they go to school.
I'm also continuing my training.. I'm going to do a duathlon at the end of September. I'm pretty excited that there will be no possibility of drowning in this race! :)
Hope you all are doing well! I seem to have no time to read blogs these days (or to write blogs.. obviously!).. but maybe life will slow down a little in the near future. Happy end-of-summer!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Am A Triathlete!

Who would ever have guessed????