Thursday, July 12, 2007

On Baptism and Godparents..

Ooo .. aaaah .. Maya's Baptism/Christening invites arrived last night. They are so pretty! I have such a 'thing' for stationary. If my handwriting was not so horrid, I would actually wish that people still hand-wrote letters - just so that I could purchase and use stationary. Thank god, however, for the internet/email/blogging so that people rarely need to read my writing.
Her invites are printed on a 5x7 insert with a vellum jacket (see photo).
Now that I'm compiling all of these items, you would think that I would begin working on her lifebook/scrapbook/etcetcetc. I have a cabinet FULL of items to put together!

On the subject of Godparents.. I sure hope that Maya's Godparents always keep a special
bond with her throughout her life. Much unlike one of MY Godparents. Just one. Here's an example of our relationship:
I needed his address to send an invite for Maya's Baptism to his family (he is a close relation btw). Anyhow, I knew that if I sent him an email request he would probably not reply. Been down that road before. So I sent an email to my dad and sister and asked if they could track it down (they work with him). Dad sends a msg back and tells me to send him an email. So I think.. ok.. why not. So I do. I simply asked for his mailing address. I get this reply.. and I quote:


Hm. Let us ponder that reply.
Does he think I am going to send a door-to-door salesperson to visit him? A Jehovah's Witness group to try and convert him? Am I in the process of working out a covert operation involving his home location? Has he been watching too many Soprano's episodes and is afraid of a hit?
I give up... too many possibilities, not enough time.

In other news.. had a visit from FedEx today and rec'd the first apostille from one of the Secretary of States. One down.. god knows how many to go. I guess we'll be including the FedEx guy on our Xmas list again this year!

Update: Just rec'd a msg from my sister saying that he just told her that he "..was thinking the email had something to do with a different email from a different person.." and that he "..probably just pissed Amy off without meaning to."
Was that an apology?

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Pam said...

I'm soooo there on loving stationary, cards, etc. and I also have terrible handwriting!! The only time my handwriting looks worse than "normal" is on the credit card machines where they electronically capture the signature. *sigh*
Love the invite by the way. Too pretty.
Relatives always provide interesting twists to "sacred" events, eh? Extended family almost ruined my one cousins wedding. Not pretty.
Happy planning!