Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Planning An Escape!

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This mom will be attending the Manic Mommies Escape weekend in RI!
I'm hoping that a friend will join me, as I can't imagine enjoying this girl (cocktails) weekend on my own.. ;) I'm currently trying to talk a couple of my friends into it, and hope they decide to join. It isn't easy for us moms to get away, but we have to do (cocktails) it on rare occasion!!
I'm also going to be marketing my Adoption and Birth Story DVDs while there - so if you do make it, look for me at the boutique!
If any of you moms might be interested, check out www.manicmommies.com for all of the details. They have some (cocktails) fun speakers/comedy/etc (cocktails) planned.. plus the hotel looks quite nice! They actually have a great parenting podcast, which I have been listening to for quite some time. It is entertaining and informative. I highly suggest it for all of you ipod-using-moms!
Anyhow, if anyone reading is planning to attend, let me know!
{did i mention cocktails??}

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Erin said...

Thanks for the plug. We are sooooooo looking forward to the weekend and meeting you and all the other great moms and friends out there! We promise it will be a good time. And yes, there will be cocktails!