Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Only a Few More Days...

until our good friends travel to India to pick up their beautiful little angel!! We are so excited for them.. it has been a long, painful wait for that frustrating judge to ok their case. Anyhow.. they live very close to us, and we are so looking forward to our kids being buddies! Yay!!!!!!!! I am just so very happy that they are so close to bringing their family together. :)))

In our journey.. we have been plodding along through the Dossier steps. Still FedEx'ing our lives around the country and still waiting on people to help us out with their pieces. The Dossier doesn't seem like it should take so long.. but it seems to drag on forever.

Happily, our physician did not share the (ignorant) attitude of her assistant.. and she had her document notarized within 24 hours.
See? Was that REALLY so difficult??? Obviously not. psh.
And.. omg.. the police dept has also completed our notarized letters! WOW! What service! I almost feel good about my tax payments these days. ;)

And the latest in Maya updates...
  • Latest in her series of instant laugh provokers: Yelling "BOO!" ~ Riding on Dad's back and yelling 'Go horsey!' while hitting him in the head {ok this could be catagorized under 'Actions that prompt instant laughs from mom'!}
  • Latest in her series of intent activities: belts of any kind, but especially the kind that click together like her car seat, highchair seat, the dog's collar..
  • Latest actions that prompt instant laughs from mom: Pretending to be a dog (or does she think she IS a dog?) by wearing our lab's collar, crawling on the floor, and woofing. {hopefully this does not lead to future therapy sessions.. LOL} ~ Losing her pants. This is not intentional (yet).. she is just so darn skinny that most of her pants are too big. Some of them simply slip down to her ankles over time. She came around the corner the other day.. just before she got around it I heard a surprised little "uh oh!".. and then she shuffles around the corner with this big toothy grin on her face and her shorts at her ankles. Priceless.
  • Big excitement: Seeing her pretty Baptism dress hanging up - always inspires 'ooooooooo's and wide eyes
  • Major interests in life: Poo. Her bear poos, her Elmo poos, even her car poos. Unfortunately, SHE still refuses to poo. sigh.
  • Unfortunate interests: Still she is hitting. Hitting me in the face, hitting her bear, hitting herself. Owies are of high interest. Sometimes she smacks to express frustration, sometimes to be funny. I will be SO happy when this stage is over. Any recommendations on how to handle this are always appreciated. So far I have begun the 'If you hit, you must sit'.. and making her have a time out on the stair with me. We also, of course, explain that hands are not for hitting, etc. I need to order that book 'Hands Are Not For HItting' - maybe it would help.
    • And a new one.. she has figured out that she can remove her diaper. She has only done it once and looked very surprised by it.. but it led to nice wet spots in her crib during naptime. Obviously, even if it is warm in her room at naptime, she will have pants on. I'm sure it is only a matter of time until she learns the complete strip, but we'll hope it is a bit further into the future!

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Pam said...

If you figure out how to get her to quit hitting, LET ME KNOW!! Micah is still at it as well. *sigh* :o)