Monday, June 25, 2007

My Friend, My FedEx Guy

Our homestudy is finally completed - background checks and all - yay! Now we continue to work on the dossier. Here we go again - keeping FedEx in business!! I sent out my first batch of FedEx's with FedEx return envelopes inside. Thank god I can type all my labels online and simply print them out, stick them in the envelopes, and leave them in a FedEx box (or at Walgreens, which I must say has become most convenient!).

Unfortunately our real estate nightmares continue to plague us. I won't bore you with any details.. plus I don't want to think about it. I'm getting pretty good at controlling when and where I can stress out about things.
..or maybe it's some form of multiple personality disorder? LOL..
Anyhow.. I've enlisted the help of my sister (who is, ironically, a 'Sister' .. with the Sisters of St Francis of Perpetual Adoration). Come on girl.. don't let me down.. ;)))

Anyhow. Tomorrow is a nanny-day, which means that I am free to stress out and try to discover solutions. I handle these things much better with a vat of strong coffee in-hand, so I'm almost looking forward to it. almost.
I also have a physical therapy session in the morning.. so that will give me a good excuse to stop and grab a latte on the way home. Btw.. the MRI showed a few neck issues and a bulging disc that is pressing on my sciatic nerve. Happily, physical therapy should take care of the issues. I've had one session and lots of homework. Turns out mom was right (argh.. I hate that! baa!), and my posture IS killing me slowly! ;) I now have to try to remember to sit down, lie down, stand up, walk, pick things up, sit in my computer chair, sit in my car, etc - completely differently. Believe it or not, this isn't easy. {eye roll} I've also been trying to be diligent and do all of my 'homework' exercises.. but when you are to do them every 2 hrs, it is very easy to forget occasionally. I'm hoping that maybe tomorrow involves some massage therapy.. I was most disappointed to show up at the physical therapy clinic and see a bunch of exercise equipment instead of spa rooms!!! Not even any Yanni music or mood lighting. Psh!

So to whine for just another minute.. my mom's shoulder pain turned out to be 2 more cancerous lesions on her upper spine. And my whine is actually for her b/c she is doing a good job of not whining. She started chemo this past week - GO MOM!! Be strong and kick the crap outta that disease!!! Wish I could help with the kickin'.

And when you think that life sux and you start feeling sorry for yourself.. you have to read some of this guy's blog: This man is a friend of my sister. He is the MOST amazing dad ever. Just read some of his blog posts and you can't help but be completely inspired. He is fighting cancer - Hodgkins? I think - while being a dad to 5 young children. He has an amazing outlook on life.

My cousin and her family are out West on vacation. We hung out last night and today - was very fun! Her kids are awesome! Maya loved hugging and kissing all over them (they are boys of course ;)).. and was very sad to see them go. She is still talking about 'Nay-Nay' (Nathan)(aka.. my Godson!). Safe travels and so glad we got to spend time with you! :)


Anxious Parents said...

I am so glad to hear things are progressing for you. We are just starting the homestudy process, so we won't be far behind you. I hope your neck pains improve fast.

We also have a blog going for #2 if you want to check it out.

Best of luck.
Michele (Mom to Ahlyana)

Adoption Blog said...

Hi Amy! I was happy to hear that the adoption process for your 2nd child is progressing.

I too have had neck issues after 2 car accidents. Accupuncture does help as well as sleeping with an ergonomic pillow. Also we have just ordered a new bed and should be getting it soon.

On a totally different note. I am looking into buying Mark a SLR. What do you suggest? He used to be a keen and good amatour photographer and used an semi automatic Canon EOS.

All the best from Luxembourg


Amy said...

Hey Sas.. I didn't see an email or blog link for you, so maybe you will see this reply..
I use Canon cameras.. luv luv them! Not sure how much you are looking to invest for your hubby, but the Canon EOS 30D is a pro-level camera that is somewhat affordable these days. The 20D is a great model also.
I use the EOS 1D Mark II. LOVE it!

Adoption Blog said...

Thxs Amy. I'll check into it. I was also hesitating for the Nikon D40 or D80 and the Sony Alpha 100.

I am a great fan of your blogs and have myself one: we livbe in Luxembourg and we have adopted a little girl from Chennai last summer. Her name is Bhavishya which means "bright future". She is nearly 3 years old and she is our little ray of sunshine. We also have a dog...a 4 year old Golden retriever bitch called Pashmina.

Hope to see you around and thxs for the tips on cameras ;-)