Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Long Road Ahead

Well, tomorrow we head out into the heat. Ugh. We are on our way to celebrate Maya's baptism in Indiana. I'm sure the heat will be a little shocking - I hear that the heat index is over 100 with high humidity. Bleeeh.. I guess we'll quickly recall one of the main reasons that we left the Midwest!
We are, however, looking forward to Maya's big day, and to seeing all of our friends and family who will be celebrating with us. I'm personally very excited about the day.. having Maya baptized feels like a major 'family' moment to me. As no one in our families was able to join us at Maya's formal adoption ceremony, this feels like even more of an occasion to mark our family coming 'full circle'. And it is even more special because both of our families are joining us, as well as some of our closest friends.
So - to the readers out there who are joining us - a big Thank You! for helping to make this occasion even more special for our family.
"I will not forget you...
I have held you in the palm of my hand."
- Isaiah 49:15

And in other news... {drumroll}.. our friends have been united with their baby in Kolkata!! We are so, so very excited for them. We can't wait to read the details when they have time to update their blog.. can't wait to see the photos.. and absolutely can't wait to meet Raina! Maya talks about 'Baby Raina' all the time - it will be huge fun to see them meet each other for the first time. I hope they like each other, as I'm not sure they are going to have a choice about this friendship.. ;))
Well, off to finish packing. I can't believe we are driving halfway across the country with a toddler who hates her carseat! ACK! .. hopefully this won't be my last post.. haha..
Also praying that Maya doesn't start pointing out people's 'bums' or try lifting her gown to show everyone her 'belly button' during the ceremony or start yelling 'ALL DONE! ALL DONE!' - as these are a few of her favorite things to do these days.
Remind me why we didn't have her baptized before she could talk??
I'm sure it will be entertaining.... {nervous laugh} ..stay tuned!


Michael Morgan said...

Sorry I can't be there. Maybe you can call me while I'm on the road, and I'll be there in voice and spirit. Viva la camino!

Amanda said...

Can't wait to see the pictures. Maya is so gorgeous. Can't wait to see her in the beautiful dress. Hoping for a referal for you soon. :o)

Pam said...

Amy, I love reading your posts. It's like I know Maya too. ;o) I often think, heaven help me when Micah starts talking. We are going to have his baby dedication asap, to avoid that same thing! LOL! Safe travels.

Sheri said...

When we baptised Maya a month ago, she was all over the altar. She did not want to be held and she let us know! She loved the water, though! Good luck and have a very special baptism day!

Starfish said...

Congratulations! I too felt it was a big event to share with family who couldn't be there in Colombia. Good Luck on the trip.

Julie & Patrick said...

I'm secretly hoping there is a "belly-button" moment...because it is just so fun to read!

And...if I've never mentioned it before, we have really enjoyed the DVD we purchased of India :)

Julie R

Nadra said...

"All done"...oh how many times do I hear that a day. It's a one of many favorite phrases. Just wait until she starts pointing to everyone's "pee-pee"...or maybe that's just a boy thing.

Can't wait to see pictures of your time in Indiana. Hope it's not too unbearably hot.

Have fun!!!