Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Valuable Resource

I discovered a podcast recently thru itunes, and I really like it quite a bit. It's called Creating A Family: Talk About Adoption and Infertility'. The woman who produces the show - Dawn Davenport - is an attorney and an author. She has written "The Complete Book of International Adoption", if you have heard of it. And actually her podcasts are created from a blog talk radio show that she does.
Her September 3rd show was entitled 'The Connected Child', and is an interview with the woman who wrote the book by that name - Dr Karyn Purvis. I've read the book, and recently (ok, yesterday!) pulled the book off my bookshelf in order to brush-up on some attachment/bonding advice as well as behavior/discipline info. A bit of a coincidence to log onto itunes today and see this podcast link! It turned out to be an interesting and informative listen.
If you are an adoptive (or soon-to-be) parent, you might want to check out Dawn's website and listen to a few of the previous podcasts, etc. I only recently discovered her, and have only listened to 3 or 4 podcasts.. but they have all been interesting. There are a couple more that I noticed from the past that sound great - such as an interview with Mary Hopkins-Best, who authored "Toddler Adoption" - another highly-recommended book.
Dawn's website: Click 'Radio Show' for links to stream previous shows.
You can also play her shows off of iTunes or BlogTalkRadio:

In other news, I've made the final decision to pull Maya out of her current school. I am visiting other preschools again and looking for the right fit for her. I was referred by her teacher to another Montessori, so I will be checking that out tomorrow. Today I visited a Goddard School - but I tend to feel that is more of a childcare establishment than a preschool. Difficult to go from a true Montessori Elementary School to a childcare facility. Anyhow, the other Montessori has younger kids and smaller class sizes - so it sounds like a possibility. At least I've made a decision. Phew! Need to take care of this change prior to our travel, so it isn't a major issue when we return.
Hope all of you are having a lovely Wednesday! :)


Kristi said...

Thanks for the podcast tip. Cool that you are going to Goa, too!!! We must have the same guidebook, ours calls it "India Light" also. I've always wanted to go there and wanted to last trip, but ended up deciding to save it for the next time. You'll have to tell me how it goes and give me some recommendations! It will be so fun to see your awesome pics. I hope you'll be blogging along the way... ;) Your blog stalkers will appreciate it!

The Labontes said...

I'll be checking out the podcast for sure. Sounds like a good decision to move to a new school. Huge number of kids for that age group. God bless those teachers.

Peter and Nancy said...

I always love when other moms provide "reviews" of books, etc. :o) Thanks for the tips! I hope your school change goes smoothly -- sounds like you made a thoughtful decision.
-- Nancy