Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Let The Countdown Begin!

Oh my gosh, we are traveling in 4 days!!! YES, that's right - 4! days from today!! We will fly to California, where we will spend Saturday night, and then climb onto that lovely Singapore Airlines jet on Sunday! ACK!
Now the questions that everyone has started to ask - are you ready? Have you finished packing? Are you nervous/excited? freaking out?
And the answers are: yes/no, no, no/yes. YES.
Immunizations finished (flu shots coming in next 2 days). Malaria drugs begun (for Maya). Medical/toiletry/bug repellant/clothing/contact lenses/etc purchased and piled up. Entertaining toys/games have been purchased, wrapped (it will be a mini-Xmas!), and packed in carry-ons for Maya (hidden away so not even the new 'Thomas the Train' carry-on is seen until the day of travel!). Baby items have been purchased and cleaned. Toy room has been re-organized (gotta think safety for mobile 1-yr old) and age-appropriate toys sanitized. Co-sleeper set up. House has been baby-proofed. Clothing is in piles to be selected and packed. Suitcases are waiting to be filled. Housesitter moving in this weekend. Dog moving out this weekend (thank you Uncle Keith/Auntie LuAnn!!). Work items are close-to-complete. Schedules are cleared. Paperwork is almost complete, and nicely filed in color-coded folders.
Flights are booked/Hotels are booked.
P H E W.
Thankfully I get to have an evening out with the ladies tonite. Book club (aka, 'fab excuse for babysitter and wine') fell at the perfect time this month. Much needed!
We are all very excited though. Maya wakes up every day and asks if today is the day that she will go in the 'big huge airplane to India to get Devika'. We cannot wait to meet our baby!! Devika - we will see you very soon!! I can't believe that we are finally almost there!!

The Final Countdown! {haa.. these guys are more excited than we are..}


Candice said...

Yeah! Here you go! We will be following your journey! Can't wait to see pictures! Have fun. :)


Kristi said...

Wow!!!! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to follow along! Tell my baby girl I'll be there in a few weeks! Praying you all have a safe and uneventful trip over!


Åsa said...

I am so happy for you that you now can travel.Can you tell my baby boy that i soon came to pick him up.Are you going to whrite her when you are gone so i can follow you trip.Have a underful trip and take many pitcher :)

Åsa Sweden

The Labontes said...

WOW! 4 short days. Can't wait to follow your travels!

A and Z said...

Wow, I leave in 10 days to meet Zeena in Delhi, and after reading your post, I realized I've got a lot to do! Luckily, Zeena has given me a well thought out "Honey Do" list. Good luck with your travels, and who knows we might see each other there!

Nadra said...

OMG Amy...I'm exhausted just reading your post. I'm also in tears. I'm so happy for you guys and I can't wait to see Devika in your arms and with her big sister. Have a safe, safe trip and post as often as you can.


Julie & Patrick said...

So excited to follow along!! Have a wonderful trip.

Julie R

The Pfeiffer Family said...

I am new to your blog. I am so excited for you!!! It is so wonderful to watch families go before us and see how the journey unfolds. Looking forward to seeing more pictures. Have a wonderful trip!

April #10 non-NRI

Karen said...

Hi Amy,
I'm so excited to follow your 2nd journey! I stalked your blog the first time around... I'm just thrilled for you, AGAIN! :)

Handy traveling tip for entertaining a 3-yr-old... if you have an ipod, load a few kiddie tv shows onto it and bring a set of comfy headphones (not buds). Headphones stay on better when worn over a baseball cap.

Good luck and happy travels!
Karen, Jenya's mom

Peter and Nancy said...

I can't believe it -- after the loooongg wait, you're almost on your way! Safe travels, and many blessings as each hour brings you closer to Devika.
-- Nancy

A and Z said...

Hey Amy! Wow so you are probably on a plane. I thnk we will miss each other but I will look you up if we get there earlier. We didn't baby proof yet so we are sooooo behind! Being first time parents we have no idea what to proof so we'll play it by "the" ear like they say here in India. LOL