Thursday, September 4, 2008

Isn't this a lovely photo? Yes, this is the view from the back of our home. They parked this monstrosity atop the dirt mountain yesterday, and it hasn't moved since. I HOPE they move it tomorrow. I'm going to be seriously annoyed if I have to look at this all weekend. It's the view from my kitchen windows also. Luckily our trees have grown in enough to hide much of the mess.
Yes, they are building in the open space behind us. Very sad. Oh well.. at least it is not the lot directly behind our house - rather it is the lot behind that lot. Sniff.. sniff.. we have lost part of our pretty view.

Maya, however, very much enjoys the view now! The girl likes her construction vehicles. I asked her today what she would like to dress up as for Halloween, and she said 'An elephant.. no, a tiger.. no, A BULLDOZER!'. sigh.

We're still having issues with Maya's aggressiveness. She is being overwhelmed at school (my theory.. there are 23!! kids in her class) and has been hitting/pushing some of the kids. Only the girls.. and only the younger girls. Yes, my daughter is the bully. {eye roll}
Yesterday, she and I had a meeting with her teacher to discuss the issue. We are both going to follow the 'Love & Logic' parenting/teaching methods.. and see if the consistency will help us to pull her through this phase. I have also taken away her beloved Thomas the Train toys.. and will begin returning them only if she does a better job of keeping her hands to herself at school. I did this on Sunday (after she hit poor little Sammy over the head several times at a dinner party), and so far she has had a much much better week. Hopefully all of this will work and she won't backslide too much when we bring Devika home. Luckily she has a completely wonderful teacher who is very interested and positive about helping her.
Not much else going on.. my mom is starting to finally feel a teeny bit better. This cold/virus she has been dealing with is wicked. Just not easy to fight anything with so little white blood cells. Thanks everyone for your prayers.. keep 'em coming.


Peter and Nancy said...

Oh boy! We use parts of Love & Logic, especially with our middle son -- he went from biting, to kicking, to hitting, all in one year. Thanks heavens he didn't do them all at the same time. :o) Your strategies sound great -- best wishes as you work with her!
-- Nancy

Pam said...

Sorry about the hitting drama! I hope you get it all worked through soon!!
Wish we had heavy equipment in our backyard. Micah would stand there and stare at it all day long! what an easy day I would have!! ;o) I do sympathize that you are losing your view though.