Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So this is a new spin on the 'ole 'Tupperware' or 'Pampered Chef' party. Someone in my neighborhood held a 'Baubles and Botox' party last night. Yes.. that's right.. I said 'Botox'. No joke - they had jewelry for sale, free cocktails, and a doctor there who did Botox injections. No, I do not live in Orange County, CA. And no, I did not attend. Can you see it? My hubby arrives home from work-travel, and finds me completely expressionless. :)) He'd think he walked into a scene from The Stepford Wives! What a disappointment THAT would be.. lol! Ok, maybe I exaggerate.. but that was the first time I've heard of that. Of course, I guess since there are actually cartoons about this type of thing, it must be relatively common. Go figure!

Some exciting news today! Found out that things are moving along well with the passport process, so we are planning to book travel. Our agency suggests that we wait until the passport has been issued, but we actually would not have any issues staying in Kolkata a bit longer if there was a bit of a delay (hubby has business partners located there) - so we are going to just go! Yay!
We're waiting to make sure that our legals reach our agency here in the US and that everything looks good, which should happen in the next 2-3 biz days. At that point, we will book! Our plan is to leave on October 6th and stay through the 20th or 21st. Need to nail down the departure date. We found great-priced tix thru Singapore - all 3 of us (I'm including Maya, not Devika) can travel for ~$4200. Not bad eh? Gotta luv their web fares.

I can't believe that we are actually to this point!! After all the waiting, we are finally to the very last leg. Wow. We have people set up to house-sit and dog-sit.. so everything is falling into place.
My big concern at this point is getting Maya thru this ungodly flight. I have purchased many little busy-items.. and will be wrapping them up like little presents. I'll then distribute them over time. I am very excited about the 'Chicken Socks' brand books that I purchased for her. I purchased 4 of them - they look great! One is all about fun with tape, and it comes with little rolls of tape. Another is fun with felt - and has felt pages and a bunch of felt pieces that you put together to make little animals on the pages, etc. Def. a cute idea. I hope and pray that this works! I think that it will. If it gets ugly, I'll let her 'braid' my hair. She's very into braids right now (tho she can't actually braid yet - but she tries!). This is last resort, as I might have issues getting into Delhi looking like this:

And I thought they stared last time - when I was just light-skinned and blonde. :D


Nadra said...

This is so exciting. Can't wait to follow along on your journey. My thoughts are going to be with you on the long flight. Hopefully Maya sleeps during most of it. Wow...this is really happening and I couldn't be more thrilled for you. You've waited long enough to bring this sweet little girl home to her family.

Happy packing and planning!!

Kristi said...

So glad you are getting ready to BOOK!!! Woohoo!! Hopefully we're right behind you...I seriously need the entire scoop on Goa so make sure you make your blog a priority!! ;) I was really surprised at how reasonable the fares were on-line when I checked them last night. Hopefully the trend will continue! Happy planning!!!

Julie & Patrick said...

The little present thing has worked for us in the past too. The books sound fun, and the trip even more so!

So excited to follow along. Yours was one of the first blogs we read while we were waiting.

Julie R

Starfish said...

Hey there! Wow you are really far along, I can't believe you'll be traveling soon! How exciting. Can't wait to hear all about the trip!

Åsa said...


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