Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happiness Is..

So I thought that since I am in a GREAT mood tonite, I should post a blog post eh? Seems like it is always easy to spew out all of my downer-thoughts.. but there are not as many 'up' posts. :)
To counter the recent depressing list-posts (and to keep you from recommending prescription anti-depressives), here are the things that I am most happy about today:
1) Duh. I think that if you have ever read this blog, you know what is #1. If you are new (and who is lurking out there from Iceland? I just noticed that one today..), simply scroll down to the timeline entitled 'We've Begun Our 2nd Journey..', note the timeline, and scroll back up here.
Ok, welcome back.
Now read the 2 previous posts from this week. 'nuff said.
2) Goa. We are going to Goa. Goa has been on my 'Place To Visit Before I Die' list for many, many years. My camera is happy-dancing as I speak/type.
3) Winning. I think I mentioned a couple months ago that I won 2nd place in a video-creation contest for Devika's video? Well, just found out that I won 1st place for a video-creation that I submitted for last month's 'Birthday' themed contest. Nice to have some recognition.. and nice to win a couple hundred bux! Thanks to my brother-in-law for being the subject and having his birthday video posted online for the world to see! Yes, I owe you many beerz. :)) Ok, vodka bottles.
4) Mom is feeling better. The virus has improved immensely, and she sounds much better. Had an appmt yesterday at IU Med Center with a team of 4 amazing doc/oncologists. They aren't super-confident about her new chemo, but they have other plans-of-attack if it doesn't work quickly. Nothing like a team of the best. Let it motivate you mama! Kick the crap out of this thing.
5) Ok, I have decided to stop working for awhile (or working much..) when Devika comes home. I want to help Maya work thru this aggression issue she is dealing with (and omg it is sooo hard), and I often wonder if part of the issue is the fact that she needs more of me. I also am fully aware that Devika will very very likely have attachment and adjustment issues - being 13 or 14 months when she joins our family. That is a full-time job coming at me. A fantastic, much-anticipated journey.. but not without obstacles.
That being said.. I have a FABULOUS work-related endeavor in mind. I think I'll just sloooowly cultivate it, and start working on it when my family is a bit more stable and ready to share me with clients. :) But seriously - it is a GOOD.. scratch that.. GREAT.. idea, and it is so very difficult not to work towards it right now!! argh. Ok. Enough type-A.. deep breath.
6) This is actually part of item #1, but I am SO very excited to be filling out my Visa request forms!! It has triggered some memories, and I'm flashing back to Maya's process, and how amazing it was. Especially the first time meeting our baby. I just cannot WAIT to meet our little Devika and bring her into our family! I have to go to Maya's school tomorrow to join in her birthday celebration (her teacher was sick today, so it was rescheduled) and read a book that I had to write about her life - to her class - and I hope that I don't do something silly like choke-up when I get to the part about her becoming a big sister. :) Haa.. Nothing like scaring 23 preschoolers.
And btw, isn't a class of 23 just incredibly ridiculous??? I did not know it would be so large, and I'm considering pulling her out if her behavior does not change in the next couple of weeks. Bringing Devika home is surely not going to help her issues. Hmm. This is a tough one..

Ok don't make fun of me. I luv this song, and the line from it popped into my head earlier. Must be my Catholic upbringing. They get into your head.. ;)) I choose to blame my sister (Sr Marie.. who, in real life, reminds me of the character that Whoopie plays).
I hope all of you have an amazing week, and I think I might purchase a lotto ticket tomorrow! Peace.


Nadra said...

Amy...Happiness all around!!! Yay.

BTW...23 is a large class. We're moving Ian in 2 weeks to a different school. His class has 16 in it right now, but can go up to 22. He will do much better in a smaller class where he can get some individual attention. Maybe that's what Maya needs too. Just something to think about during your long ride to India.

ColleenC said...

Loved reading this post! And so happy for all the good news you're getting!

I do think 23 is big- our 5 year old has a 20 person cap on his K class (regular, public school) AND one full-time aide, and for his 3 and 4 year old classes they were a 1-8 ratio (that was for private, church preschool). But that said, a lot depends on the teacher(s) and the class personalities. Our older one is quiet and so we have issues with him being "heard" the younger one I think would do ok in a larger class (we have NO difficulty "hearing" him!).

Sounds like you've got so many wonderful things in store over the next months, can't wait to follow along!

Amy said...

Glad to hear all this good news!! You must be so thrilled! Hopefully you can take some pics of my little man ;).

Sr. Marie Morgan, OSF said...

Sing it, sistah...O HAPPY DAAAYYYY!

Julie & Patrick said...

Not one, not two, but a LIST of good things...this is great!

I agree...23 sounds like it could end up being more managed chaos than a good learning foundation.

Must admit, I'm envious of the full on mommy time that awaits you. Go girl power!!

Julie R