Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Everywhere Goa

First of all, let me clarify: we are NOT flying biz class to India. {sniffle sniffle} Plain 'ole economy seats. Unless, of course, anyone wants to donate to my 'suite-seat' fund. ;)

I'm a bit wierded out right now. Recall that we are going to stay a few days in Goa while we are traveling? Well.. yesterday I got my latest issue of Conde Nast Traveler, and their cover article is about Goa! And then tonite, I turn on the Travel Channel (see a theme in my interests?).. and it's Andrew Zimmerman - in Goa! Straaaange. And very cool! Especially seeing actual video on Zimmerman's show. I hope that I get a chance to photograph the markets that he visited - would mak
e for some great travel photography! The fruits and spices are gorgeous. The pork sausages, however, might ruin the entire trip for Aj. ;) Anyone who knows him will understand what I'm talking about! The boy will not touch a piece of pork.
Umm.. pickled fish. Stays good for 1 yr with no refrigeration. Ahh.. looking forward to foraging thru the Goan food market! Hopefully it is actually open - as we are arriving at the tail end of the monsoon season. This could seriously impact our trip. I'm praying that it isn't too much of an influence. I did see that this week is sunny.. after a devastating 3 days of hideous monsoon rains last week. Yikes. They have had over 100" of rain this season! Coming from a very dry climate, this will be quite the change for us.
Btw, one of my 'goals' in life that I have managed to actually achieve every year for the past 7 years.. is to visit a hotel/resort/ship/etc. listed in Conde Nast as one of their Gold List winners. Looks like this year - it is the Park Hyatt Goa! Wait. I already had one this year. Hmm. Well, I guess that makes 2008 an amazing travel year - in SO very many ways! 2009 is going to be a major challenge!

So, speaking of monsoons.. I purchased Maya a raincoat today. Ooo Aaah.. I know this sounds exciting. What actually WAS exciting (only for me I'm sure) was the fact that I caved and also bought a matching outfit (to the raincoat of course)
for her and a matching/coordinating dress for Devika. And a few more items for Devika. I'm no longer allowing myself near any mall or outlet mall or boutique or Target or store of any type where I might be tempted to 'just buy one little new item for little Devika'. I am cut-off. Done.

And speaking of Maya - she is doing SOO well at her new school!!! My little 'update sheet' from today said that she is fitting in very well with the class, and getting along great with the other kids. Using the potty... not hitting anyone.. eating all of her lunch.. WOW! I'm so very happy that I made the decision and pulled her out of the other school. She is also happier at home and sleeping very well at night (tho still getting up b/t 5-6 am - owch!). So, things are going very well and will hopefully be a comfort to her when we arrive back home from India.

And speaking of India and Devika.. we we
re blessed to receive some new photos of her yesterday! Unfortunately she was woken from a nap for the photos.. and she was obviously NOT happy! Look at the hair - is that not fabulous? I hope they don't cut it before we get there! What a sweetie.


Kristi said...

I need all the details on Goa when you get back. I'm sure we won't get to do the Hyatt though...sounds wonderful. *sigh* I thought monsoon season is officially over in October. That's what I just read on a few travel websites anyway. I guess since you are going towards the beginning of Oct you might still hit some rain. Cute new pic of baby girl, looks like her and Zeena's baby are cribmates! Fun!

Sejal said...

Oh.....I am so excited you get to visit Goa! You will have to tell me all about it. I would live to visit there!!!! Do you know when you leave yet?

Julie & Patrick said...

Would love to visit Goa the next time we are in India...hope you will share some photos!

So glad that Maya is adjusting to the new school. Good mommy instincts to make that change.

Devika does have that turn out the lights please, pouty look. Too cute!!

Can't wait to follow the trip!

:) Julie R

Todd and Michele said...

Amy -
So happy for you guys! I bet you are just counting the minutes to hold your new little girls. I love the curls too. She is absolutely adorable. You'll have to make sure to give Debarpan a big hug and kiss from us when you get there! Best of luck with all the travels.


Sara said...

What a face! I love it! So excited to see your journey take place!

-Sara #15

Peter and Nancy said...

Devika is a little beauty -- even when woken for her photo op!

Isn't it funny how that happens? You've got Goa on your mind, and you see it everywhere.

So glad the school switch is going well!
-- Nancy (Anya Rashi's mama)