Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Little Catch-Up

Eating. Ah, but we love the holiday season, don’t we? Such a fabulous excuse for stuffing your face with food you wouldn’t touch during ‘ordinary’ seasons. In the past 24 hrs, I have ingested chocolates, caramel popcorn, some hideously rich and fattening chocolate pie made by my sister (so I just could NOT refuse, right??), wine, chocolate cookies, and cheese pizza. I am so grossed-out and disgusted with myself. I think maybe I will not eat anything tomorrow that is not completely healthy (and yes, a Starbux nonfat latte is my very necessary source of calcium!!). Maybe I’ll even do some form of exercise that does not involve lifting food or drink to my mouth. Hmm.. shopping is good exercise, right?
It might be time to break out that Wiggles Xmas DVD and dance with the girls again!
Echo. If you want to see every bad habit that you have – live with a 3-yr old. They are little ‘mirrors’, reflecting back all of your bad habits to you. I keep seeing myself in my daughter, and several of the things that I see do not make me happy! Criminy. The other day I heard her say ‘Dammit, dog!’. Oops. Yesterday I started noticing that she is chewing her fingernails. I think that comes from Daddy, as I never picked up that bad habit. Or did I?

Flip. Have you seen or used the Flip Camcorder? Best camcorder ever for technically-challenged persons! Now, I do not mean myself.. seriously, I am extremely technically-literate and very good at programming and using electronic items. My husband, on the other hand, .. not so much.
Last Christmas I found this amazing product and gave it to Aj as a gift. It has been the best gift ever! There is a button to turn on the camcorder. A button to record and stop recording (same large, red button – very obvious, phew). In order to upload the videos to your computer, a little USB connector ‘flips’ out – insert into your computer – and the software takes over from that point (on it’s own.. it is oh-so-easy). It’s cute, fun, and EASY!!

Little Girls.
Some women are dripping with diamonds
Some women are dripping with pearls
Lucky me! Lucky me!
Look at what I'm dripping with..
Little girls!!
This is Maya’s favorite song from the Annie movie. She loves to watch a few scenes from this show, over and over and over and over.. this is one of them.
I’m not sure how I feel about that?

Health. Soo.. you would think that maybe.. just maybe.. we could make it ONE week without a trip to the pediatrician. Since arriving home from India, we have made a trip to our pediatrician pretty much once or twice per week for one or both of the girls. I thought that surely we would be ok for 2 weeks while traveling. We already have one child on medication that should get HER through 2 weeks..
Ah, but I was mistaken. I had to take Maya to the local urgent care clinic today to check out her fever/body aches/runny nose. Turns out that she has a sinus infection. Now we have both of our kids on pretty pink liquid medicines. Sigh.


Sr. Marie Morgan, OSF said...

I think that is really MOMMY'S theme song....

The Labontes said...

Maya has good taste. That's my favorite scene as well :)
(Max Rup's Mom)