Thursday, December 4, 2008

Blizzard! Ok, so it wasn't a blizzard exactly.. but we got a few more inches of snow today. Probably 3" or so. I think we had ~4" a couple days ago.. so it's been nice and holiday-ish. Very festive!

Bonkers! Yes, I was stuck inside the house today with the kids. Maya and I tried to go outside and play in the snow, but it was soooo freaking cold that we spent more time getting dressed to go outside than we did actually being outside. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! We threw the ball to the dog a few times.. made some snow angels.. and then came back inside to enjoy some nice peppermint ice-cream. Yes, I thought that hot cocoa (or maybe a nice hot toddy.. ) would be more suitable - but Maya insisted on the ice-cream! She needs the fat, so I wasn't going to argue.
During our hours indoors today, we did have some fun. We baked brownies.. the girls destroyed the house multiple times by dragging out every toy, pot, pan, piece of tupperware, etc that we own.. and the highlight: a big Wiggles Xmas dance party (ding dong.. ringy dingy dingy.. will that song EVER leave my head??)! Thank you Thank you to the Wiggles!! Both girls were enthralled for over an hour - and they burned off a lot of energy. PHEW.

Brown. Have I mentioned recently that Maya is very intrigued by the fact that she is 'brown'? I think that I have. This is a constant subject of conversation with her. Mommy is light.. Maya is brown. Is Maya light? NOOOOOOO.. Maya is BROWN! Is Mommy brown? NOOOOOOOOO.. Mommy is VERY light! So funny to see her figuring this out.
Seems like our little girl is learning all kinds of new things/concepts at preschool. Ah, stories for another day.
Just wait until we get to the letter 'P'.

Bath. I'm dying to sit in a hot bubble bath with a nice glass of vino and my latest Twilight book. Too bad I just can't get the motivation for even this once the girls are asleep. I blog because I can do it from my bed, enjoying the warm electric blankie, the fireplace, and my DVR'd shows until I pass out. Of course, when Aj is home and I'm not doing the 'single mom' thing.. I'm catching up on my book!

Blonde. Every time Maya sees a picture of Cinderella, she tells me that she is 'Mommy'. My god I love that girl!



Julie & Patrick said...

We are a Wiggle's household too! You wonder about 4 grown men who have chosen to sing about fruit salad for a living, but this household is glad they have! ;)

Love the Boogie!

Julie R

A and Z said...

I just cant believe your house looks so CLEAN!! How do you do it??? LOL