Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bring On The New Year - PLEASE!!

Yes, again today - we had a trauma. I think I might have mentioned in previous posts (several previous posts) that we can't seem to get through ONE week post-India without a visit to the pediatrician? or a doctor of some sort? Well.. today was our first of at least 2 doctor visits for this week.
Devika broke her leg today.
Yes, that's right.. her leg!! ACK! Totally bizarre and completely random incident that she likely will not let us forget for the remainder of our lives! Ajay had just finished changing her diaper, and Devi was reaching for a toy that she was playing with. Aj reached for the toy to help her grasp it.. and she suddenly kicked out at his chest (which was over the top of her) with her legs and then - I'm assuming - locked her knees - and somehow hyper-extended her left knee. This caused a 'buckle fracture' of her left tibia.
We were pretty surprised that the bone was broken. She cried at first.. and then was fussy for awhile.. and would not walk on the leg at all. We thought this was odd, as she is SUCH a walker. We thought we should take her in to an urgent care and have them look at it - thinking that it was a muscular issue. Boy were we shocked after they x-rayed and found the fracture! :((( Pooooor little baby. :((((( She isn't in pain when she isn't trying to use the leg... but she is constantly trying to use it. They put a splint on it and wrapped it tightly. They told us to make an appmt with an orthopedic doc at Children's Hospital asap. We have an appmt for Friday. I have a feeling that they are going to put a cast on it. 4-6 weeks without walking - ACK! Seriously I have no idea how this is going to work. Life has become more exciting once again. Especially as Aj has to travel next week from Saturday thru the following Friday. Ahh.. a challenge.
So - we didn't even make it to our 4 pm new year's party. We did end up with 4 bottles of champagne though. :D

Unbelievable. The number of physician visits we have made in 2 1/2 months.

Very. Very happy that we have both of our babies home with us. Very glad that we are embarking on a new year that does not include the anxiety associated with adopting/waiting for a new child (only b/c we have had this anxiety for ~4 years now). Very happy that 2008 is over and very hopeful that 2009 will bring MUCH less drama, anxiety, medical trauma, and exhaustion. :)

Wiggles. We love you - The Wiggles. We would probably not be sane after our 16-hr trip if we had not had you on DVD to serenade our children. I have no idea what it is, but this Australian group creats instant calm and commands attention of both of our girls. Even today, when Devika was in pain and freaking out b/c her leg was immobilized from hip to ankle - the Wiggles made her smile.

X-Chromosomes. Poor Aj - he is surrounded by a houseful of paired X-chromosome beings!!

Y? As taught to me in my high school senior religion class: 'Because in the great and eternal scheme of things, God has willed it so.'
Fr. O'Keefe would be so very proud. ;)

Zoo-a-philes. Ok, so I was listening to NPR last Sunday while I was prepping to embark on the big Road Trip. They were interviewing an author who had written a story about a man whose wife (or fiancee??) had died.. and he became obsessed with rare animals. He would break into zoos just to be close to certain animals. The interviewer asked the author (and I am so bummed that I cannot recall the author's name right now.. nor could I find it with a quick Google search) if this was completely fictional, or if she found in research that there are people who do this. She explained that there is an entire 'sub-culture' who are into animals and break into zoos regularly just to be close to a certain animal or animals. They do not intend to steal the animals.. they just feel a connection and want to be close to them. Could be something as small as a lizard or a bird - not necessarily a large animal such as a tiger or elephant, etc.
Now there's a piece of trivia, eh? :) And you thought I would have no entry for the letter 'Z'!

Well, there's the alphabet! That wasn't quite as fun as I had hoped. Oh well. It was a challenge!
I hope that all of you are having a fabulous, fun, and SAFE New Years Eve! 2008 was quite a year - I'm looking forward to a peaceful 2009!

It is 11:11 pm here in Mountain time. And we have 1/2 of a bottle of champagne left (out of the one we opened - not out of all 4 - HA! Good lord, that would lead to a painful beginning to the new year!).
Let's raise our glasses - A toast to all of us! Cheers!


Nadra said...

Happy New Year!!! May 2009 bring many fewer trips to the doctor.

Peter and Nancy said...

Yikes! Don't worry -- we know so many kids who've broken wrists and legs at this age. And the stitches! Oh, the stitches. :o) Happy New Year, and thanks for finishing the alphabet!
-- Nancy

A and Z said...

Oh I am so mortified for you! And I have no idea how you handle 2 kids for a week with no husband. Too bad you don't live close by or I'd come over and help!!

Candice said...

I've enjoyed your alphabet posts! I may have to try it sometime. I'm glad at least that your little one is still mobile. Isn't it funny how kids just bounce back and not much seems to faze them?! :)