Monday, August 11, 2008

Yes, I Am Alive!

I can't believe that it has been almost a month since my last post! And what a month it has been.
First - we just rec'd a couple of updated Devika/Satarupa photos. Yay! She looks great. On the other hand, ARGH.. I can't believe we are not in India yet. More on this later in the post.
So where have I been for the past month? Believe it or not, we've spent most of the time traveling to see family. And somehow, hanging with the family keeps me so busy that I had no time (or rather, energy) to blog. Crazy.
We flew to IN and visited my family for a few days.. then flew to NY to visit my in-laws for ~a week.. then flew back to spend ~a week with my family again.
That week also included my 20 (omg yes, I did say 20!!) year high school reunion. I seriously cannot believe that it has been 20 years since I've seen most of these people. So bizarre. It was actually an amazing night though - I had sooo much fun! Plus, it was a night of 'closure' for me. There were a few unresolved issues that I had with a couple of people that happened to be from my class.. and I was able to resolve them in extremely positive ways. Extremely. Honestly, that night was fabulous!
Drawback of that night.. it took me 2 days to recover from it. No joke. It was over 90 degrees that evening.. we were outside on the bar's patio.. and the humidity was hideous. I don't think that I drank much beer that night, but I forgot to drink water. Oh and the shot of Jaeger didn't help (good god what WAS I thinking). ;)
So I also have had a couple of photo shoots and other work going on, so time has been very restricted. DH has been traveling 5 days/week for work and working while he is home. My nephew is staying with us for 10 days (leaving Thursday :(().. and I've been trying to prep for Maya's school-start. So life's been full!
Thankfully I've been busy though. Haven't had excess time to stew over this adoption. It is so hard now. Devika turns one year old on Wednesday. :(( I can't believe I've missed her entire first year of life. This SUX!! It is so difficult for us now. Having absolutely NO control over this is such a nightmare. Plus this timeline is completely screwing up our childcare situation and causing a ton of stress. Do we keep the nanny and pay her for nothing (maya starts school and we don't really need her until Devika is home now)? Do we lose the nanny and then crisis after Devika is home and we are ready for help? Can we afford to pay the nanny as well as Maya's school and all of the adoption fees that are coming up very soon?? ARGH. We actually gave the nanny her 30-days notice 2 wks ago, but haven't felt good about that decision. Now DH thinks we should keep her.. but I'm not sure that this is the right answer. Is there a right answer? There must not be, b/c none of the scenerios makes me feel any better. It would be nice to just have an answer and no longer deal with this issue. Maybe the nanny will find another job and end all of this debate.
Luckily Maya is doing very well right now - growing up so fast! She is getting SO much better with the hitting issue lately. It is really only an issue now if she is tired and/or hungry. She is much better at playing with kids and had sooo much fun with her cousin Andrew in IN! She has amazing conversations with me every day - I am constantly taken aback by how smart the girl is! I can't wait to see how she does with school - I think she will love it.
Wow.. time to get some sleep. This day began at 5 am yet again.. need sleep.. zzzzz


Kristi said...

Glad to see you're still alive! ;) Devika is looking beautiful as always. Hope you figure out your nanny predicament! That judge has no idea the messes he makes...

ColleenC said...

Oh no, I was hoping your absence meant GOOD news : ( Your daughter is beautiful but it must be so hard! Hoping you get to hold her soon!

- Colleen (Dillon waiting family)

Julie & Patrick said...

So sorry you will be missing Devika's first birthday. That must be so hard. I wish there were more that could be done to get the legal end of things moving for you and the others who are waiting.

It seems you are doing a great job of keeping yourself busy, but wish you were in India, for sure!!!

:) Julie R
(Devi's mome)

Candice said...

So sorry about missing Devika's birthday. Maybe it won't be too much longer and you can celebrate it a little late when she gets finally comes home! :)


Amy said...

I am sorry it is taking so long. She really is beautiful! I hope you have good news soon!

Nadra said...

Amy...she's beautiful. It just stinks that you're missing her me...I know. But, hopefully you will be on your way soon. Silly, silly judge....he just needs to get a life and stop messing up everyone elses.

Hugs :)