Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Like A Dishrag

..I'm feeling a bit wrung-out today. This has been a crazy week. I just want to go hike into the wilderness, away from people and phones and bad news.. and simply Be. {Photo to the left was taken last week at a canyon close to my home. I need to go back!}
Things that I am slightly concerned about today:
1. Maya won't use the toilet at school.
a) Plus, nanny picks her up 3x/week and I asked that she take Maya inside and practice using the 'big potties' at school at pick-up time to aid in the adjustment. Nanny is not very outgoing and I think maybe a bit afraid of a new 'pick-up process' and did not do what I asked. 'She didn't need to go.. I asked her'. Sigh. I don't care if she NEEDS to go.. I want her to get comfortable and lose her fear. She's a tiny kiddo and the toilets are large - and no one is in the stall to help her. She's overwhelmed and needs to work up to this. ..I thought we had talked extensively about this.. oh well.
2. Losing the nanny soon (we had to give her notice b/c this adoption process is taking forever and her hours are not flexible) and have a TON of work projects coming in the next few weeks. Though b/c she is leaving soon, I'm not going to be highly concerned with #1a. We gave her the option of working a different schedule and staying on with us, but she has yet to give us her decision on that. B/c it is taking so long and she is SO non-confrontational.. I'm assuming the answer is 'no' and she is just too nervous to tell us. Criminy.
3. Our fingerprints expired and I had to drive downtown yesterday to schedule an appmt to drive downtown on Saturday in order to be re-fingerprinted. That's right.. 2 1/2 hrs in traffic yesterday to schedule an appmt. Love the logic of this process sometimes! Good thing is that they told me that we did NOT have to pay $80/ea again (tho their website says that we do, so I am a bit hesitant to believe this).. and that they processed my request immediately so that we CAN go on Saturday and not wait to receive a schedule in the mail (as the usual process goes). My concern is that we will finally get Guardianship from the judge in Kolkata.. and be waiting on our fingerprints to clear. Murphy's Law eh?

Things that I am greatly concerned about today:
1. My nephew spent the past 1 1/2 wks with me b/c he has been 'floundering' a bit and trying to find his way in life (he is 18..dropped out of school last job yet..). He joined the Guard and should be starting to do some things with that - drills, completing his GED. Thought maybe he was getting on-track, but he seems to be vearing off again now that he is back home and with his friends. My bro-in-law (the dad.. mom is from previous marriage) is about to have a stroke over the situation b/c he is taking full responsibility and killing himself to help the kid. Sad thing is that I can see that the boy has some serious issues that need counseling. He WANTS to be in trouble and to have life be hard on him. Thinks that is what he deserves in life. No logic and no getting thru to him. Needs serious help on this issue and scares me to death when I think that going off to war is in his near future.
2. Last but definitely not least.. My mom rec'd her PET scan results and they were not good. Actually, they really sucked. The cancer is being resistant to the latest chemo and has spread like crazy. It is now present throughout all of her skeleton. Luckily (if you can actually use that word) it has not spread to organs yet.. but that isn't far away, according to her oncologist. Just a matter of time. The oncologist stopped her chemo and suggested she consult a specialist at a cancer hospital. She will probably have to travel for treatment. Please pray with us that they find a treatment that will work for her and SLOW this beastly disease down. She has so much to live for. She hasn't even met her new granddaughter.. and I want my children to know their grandma!!!!

So that's been my week. Hubby is traveling all week and so stressed with work that he doesn't even have 5 minutes to talk on the phone during the day with me. No one to complain to.. :) Need a nice big glass of vino.
In interesting news.. I was contacted today by someone from the Children's BBC in the UK.. they are doing a tv show with clips of animals and kids.. and they want to use one of my videos that I've posted on youtube. How cool is that??
Happy Wednesday.


Todd and Michele said...

I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. We'll keep her in our prayers.

Hope the Vino helped a little - - Don't you think it's about time for some good new from the Judge in India :>

Kristi said...

Wow, that's a bunch of downer stuff that you are dealing with. I'm sending up some prayers on your behalf. I'm sorry that you are having so much stress. Life can really suck sometimes. I hope God brings on a miracle with your Mom...and the judge. Hang in there.

Nadra said...

Amy...Thinking about you and praying.


Amy said...

Wow - you need a vacation! Hope things calm down for you and you get to get your sweet baby girl soon!

Pam said...

I pray that God reaches down and does an incredible miracle for your Mom and for you! A woman at our church recently heard from her doctors that the hole in her heart and the leaky valve she needed surgery on is "closing up on it's own somehow." She smiled and told the doctor that was God healing her! I pray that your mom gets a similar miracle!
Hugs to you!
P.S. I hope you get the news soon that your beautiful girl is ready to come home too!

ColleenC said...

What a crummy week! Treat yourself to a yummy coffee drink or a bottle of wine : )

Hope you here good news on Devika soon!!!!

ColleenC said...

Ok it's early in the morning here, so ignore the "here" instead of "hear". The English teacher in me couldn't let that one go!

Julie & Patrick said...

Wow...harsh week! From all that you've shared, your mom is a true fighter. I will be sending up prayers for her.

Those darned fingerprints...sigh! They seem to be a source of aggravation for so many of us.

Cabernet or merlot? :)

Julie R