Thursday, August 14, 2008

1st Day of School

Today was Maya's first day of school! I was worried that she might get clingy and upset when I dropped her off.. but no! She grabbed her teacher's hand, waved at me, and yelled 'Bye-Bye Mommy!' as she walked into the classroom. I was so proud of her!
..until I picked her up later and she said 'I punched a girl in the face and the teacher told me that we don't punch people'.
I hope I don't have the only child expelled from preschool for violent tendencies. {eye roll}


Julie & Patrick said...

Oh my gosh! Maya looks so grown up!! and so cute on her first day of school.

Expelled! I know what you mean...we've got the daycare bully on our hands! Biting...sigh....we are working on it!

Good luck!!
Julie R
(Devi's mom)

Amanda said...

Maya is so grown up. She is gorgeous.
Don't worry. My son used to do the same things.
It will pass.

Nadra said...

Maya and Ian would make quite the pair. She's so cute...but you can see just a little hint of mischief in those eyes.

Candice said...

Maya is so beautiful in all that hot pink! She reminds me of my second daughter. My first was our fairy princess and our second was our pixie. So cute and tiny on the outside and so much spirit on the inside. :)