Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hold On, Toto!

Ok, feeling better the past few days. Thanks for everyone's kind words after my last depressing post. :) Please keep my mom in your prayers - she is fighting a very bad cold right now on top of everything else. THAT is scary, as her white blood cells are so so very low. She has also found out that she won't need to travel for treatment right now - there is one more chemo they are going to try for her. The oncologist at Mayo Clinic recommended it to her oncologist, and they started the treatment on Monday. Please please please let this work!!!
Moving on.. so we had houseguests (BIL, SIL, cousins) all weekend (f
riday thru tues).. and Maya did not adapt well to that situation. They had a 2 1/2 yr old girl and a 4 yr old girl.. and Maya was NOT interested in sharing and playing nice. She and the younger girl were constantly punching and smacking each other over the head. It was a very loooong visit for everyone involved!! Nice to see them, but not very relaxing. Hopefully it bothered them less than it bothered me. Probably b/c Maya does not have any siblings at home yet - we have a very quiet house. It changes drastically when other kids are here. I better get used to it!! And Maya def. needs a sibling - she has a serious case of 'only child' syndrome right now.
Speaking of which - NO - no news on Devika. We did get updated photos today, which was a nice surprise. Unfortunately, she is crying in all of them. :((( Those kinds of photos are so difficult to see - it's hard to see your child cry and not be able to comfort her. Praying to hear something so
on - word from Kolkata is that the case should be heard by September 10th.

The photos to the left are from a hail storm that came through our area a couple of nights ago. There were several tornadoes.. and we did not see any of them!! Everyone is talking about how they watched the funnel clouds - and we missed it. Good grief! We were busy watching the huge hail and freaking out over how crazy THAT was (and worrying whether the pond fish would be hit by it - you can't really see from the photo, but the hail was slamming into the pond and sending huge splashes into the air) - meanwhile there are tornadoes blowing by. They came as close as 3-4 miles from our house. No sirens. Very scary. I guess next time we see a bad storm, we should just hang out in the basement and wait it out. I'm still appalled that we had no siren warnings. Not very comforting. The tornado photo was taken by my neighbor. YIKES.


Amy said...

I will be praying for your mom! So glad you guys made it safely through the storms. That funnel looks vicious! Even though Devika is crying she is still a breathtaking child! I hope you get to travel very soon!

Shane,Gidget,and boys said...

Looks like you guys have been doing some serious weather watching.That tornado looks mean.
I hope you get to your little Toto soon. Maybe things will happen sooner then you think. Gidget

Candice said...

Love the pictures of Devika and the tornado! Devika is beautiful and the tornado reminds me of God's awesome power...but in adoption, working on our behalf! :) Hang in there!