Monday, June 2, 2008

New Photo!

Here is our little Devika at 9 months (12 1/2 lbs now).
We're still in delay-mode, unfortunately.. but we were told that CARA did the orphanage visit (which is hopefully one of the last steps in the process) and was impressed by the level of care at ISRC. I pray that this means they will get the recertification processed IMMEDIATELY! It is so hard to think that the judge can still put us off for months once the recertification is complete. At this point I guess it is just a matter of faith. Can't obsess over it as we have absolutely no control.
{yeah riiiiiight}
I don't see any way to have Devika home for her 1st birthday, but maybe a miracle will happen..


Julie & Patrick said...

Oh my gosh!!! She is just adorable. This must make the waiting even harder. I do hope and pray that the renewal is completed soon. Don't you just want to pinch those little cheeks? :)

Julie R
(Devi's mom)

Kristi said...

What a beautiful baby girl! Those pictures almost make it harder to wait when you see what you are missing. I love her curls. Hopefully the judge will get with it quickly once the license is renewed. I'm praying!

Kristi W.

The Labontes said...

She is just gorgeous. I can't believe how much she's changed. She looks very interested. We'll pray for extra fast legals and passport so you can meet her before her b-day.

Shad and Maggie Alsworth said...

What a wonderful surprise!! We are praying that things move quick so you can be with your angel for her birthday!


Adoption Blog said...

She is so so Daaaaarling Amy!!!

You are ALL in our thoughts and prayers.



Pam said...

What a doll she is!! Here's hoping things move along soon now. I know you are pulling your hair out right now...

Tamra said...

I'll be praying that things move quickly! She's beautiful!

Amy said...

She is so beautiful! Praying for speedy legals and a renewed license soon!

Starfish said...

Totally adorable. So hard to wait,especially with pictures like that!