Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Maya's 1st Dance Recital

Oh my gosh - how cute was this! Maya's little dance class had a recital last Friday night. It was seriously amazing, but she pretty much participated in her part. :) I was impressed as it was ~100 degrees in the building, past her bedtime, and a complete chaotic cluster.

Here is our little dancer getting ready for her big debut! Yes, it was very difficult to keep that tutu from sliding down. The girl is never going to have a big-bum issue!

Doesn't she look oh-so-sweet-and-innocent?
Hard to believe this is the same girl who made 3 or 4 other ballerinas cry that night. {eye roll}
She likes to grab other kid's clothing if she likes it, and she has a serious grip. Takes awhile to separate her, and by the time it happens, the other child is normally starting to freak out. Obviously this is more difficult to control when she is feeling melty.. so you can imagine how many times it occurred - or almost occurred - that evening.

However.. one of the moms, after her little dancer fell over after she and Maya randomly bumped into each other a teeny bit.. called my child 'vicious'. I thought that was somewhat over-exaggerated.
Her little clumsy ballerina is seen randomly spinning and falling at least 5x on my video - nothing to do with my daughter. Poor thing's mom is rude and pushy. The woman yelled at her 2!! yr old constantly during class (it was a mom and tot class). Thank god that class is over.. I did not like that woman.

Here is a more appropriate depiction of my baby. :)


Nadra said...

You need to accidently trip the other mom. How rude. Maya...vicious? This woman is going to be one of those pushy stage moms...I can see it now.

Maya is a doll. Love the "surprised" ballerina pic. How cute!

Pam said...

HOW ADORABLE!!!! Micah can be a bit "over exicted" with other kids too. He is never mean on purpose, his enthusiasm carries him faster than his legs do sometimes. Our kids are just a bit on the "wired" side I think. ;o) Don't you hate it that the annoying mom thing has started already? I agree with Nadra, trip her. ;o)

Adoption Blog said...

Maya's GORGEOUS, just too ADORABLE!!!

I really dislike when other Moms want to compete with me or they want their kid to compete with Bhavishya.

I know I brag a little about Miss B 'cause I cannot get over how well she adapted herself in her new life and how she is thriving despite being in an orphanage the first 2 years of her life!

I think our children are BIG achievers...I think other people see that and they get jaleous!

Don't waste your energy on such a cow! Remember do not lower yourself to her level!

Have a beautiful day!


Kristi said...

Maya is the perfect ballerina! Oh how I wished I lived close enough to come over and have you do a photo shoot for my family!! Your pics are the BEST!!

I hear you on the crazed mom you encountered. I can't imagine using that word to describe a beautiful 2 year old ballerina!!! Sounds like crazed mom needs to get on some meds. ;)


Amy said...

What a doll! Love the tutu!

Julie & Patrick said...

Vicious? That is no name for a delicate and graceful ballerina!! The nerve...I agree, trip the woman :)

Maya is so adorable. The princess costume is perfect!

Julie R

Starfish said...

So sweet! How could a face like that be "vicious"???

Peter and Nancy said...

Stage mothers already?! Horrors! Good thing your little ballerina is such a lovely little girl -- she'll help you block out the bad mommy memories.
-- Nancy (Anya Rashi's mama)

Candice said...

Maya is beautiful! Don't let a psycho mom ruin the memories for you! Just go right on being proud of her! :)