Friday, May 23, 2008

In Love With..

Elmo. Thomas the Train.
Trail Mix. Cereal. Mac-N-Chz. Coladas (V8 Smoothies).
Green pudding. Blue ice-cream with sprinkles.
Swings. Singing. The 'Avalanche' game at the museum.
My Sandbox. Bubbles. Other kid's toys. Other kid's clothing.
'Annie' Music: Maybe and Tomorrow
My belly button and all songs and books pertaining to it.
Public toilets.
Pencils and Pens. Listening to your heartbeat with my stethoscope.
Presents delivered to our door. The dog park. The dog (Tasha, aka Labba).
Peanut butter and honey bear sandwiches.
Freedom of a toddler bed. Flying in airplanes.
Running from my mom and/or dad in public places or when it is time to go potty or go to bed. Screaming at the top of my lungs when I am asked to whisper. Baths.
My sister, Devika, who I haven't met yet.


Kristi said...

Your Maya is child model material, I'm tellin you. You should send the Gap that pic of her in the giraffe dress, maybe you could cash in!! I love that dress, I bought it for Daya too, although up here in the frigid north she probably won't get much opportunity to wear it. Love to hear what Maya's into these days...I hear you on the Starbucks, I'm guilty with you.
Kristi W.

Adoption Blog said...

Maya is beautiful! Waow she can pose so well at her age! This is exceptional!

Her dress is so cute!


Starfish said...

Oh man, she is going to have to beat those boys away with a stick. She's growing so fast!