Thursday, June 12, 2008

Inching Closer..

At this point in the process, we rejoice at every tiny step forward - because there are just not that many steps left!
Today we found out that CARA
has re-issued the license to the orphanage in Kolkata! It is in the mail and should be delivered sometime next week. Once the orphanage has the license in-hand, the judge can move forward in hearing the cases that he is holding. Please Mr Judge - make up for the time that you delayed us and hear our case ASAP!!
I guess now we can start obsessing over email again, knowing that we could get news at any time..
During my free time, I've had my camera out more lately. I spent some time in my backyard the other day and captured the shots you see of the Columbine flowers. Columbines are pretty cool - especially as they are growing in patches, wild, near the stream in our backyard. It looks as if we actually planted them. I wish all the weeds were this pretty.. By the way, click on the photo above to see the bee. We are actually overrun with them right now. Maybe THIS is where all the bees have gone? ;)
Happy Father's Day Weekend!! We have a fun small trip planned - can't wait!! We might actually use our boat for the first time since we moved here. w00t!


Gidget said...

Inching closer, is definately a good word to describe this journey. Hello, I am Gidget and we are a new adoptive family through Dillon waiting on our "Maiya". We are at #16, we are happy just to finally be on the list,now we at e waiting on fingerprints. Your daughter Devika is beautiful. Best Wishes for your next journey, hope to hear from you soon. Fenwicks

Kristi said...

So glad that things are finally moving forward again!!! I really hope this means you will be with your daughter for her first birthday after all. Can't wait to hear that the judge has signed!!!!

:) Kristi

Adoption Blog said...

This is GREAT News Amy! I am thrilled for you!

I hope it will all go quickly now.

Your remain in our thoughts and prayers.

I need to answer your email...I haven't forgotten you.



Amy said...

Hoping you get legals within the month!