Saturday, July 5, 2008

Can I Eat It?

Happy belated Independence Day to all my fellow American bloggers/lurkers/friends!
We enjoyed a laid-back 4th of July this year. Maya has never seen fireworks, so we bought some little fountains/sparklers/etc and set them off at our house (she absolutely loved them of course!). We were also lucky that we had a pretty decent view of the local fireworks show from our driveway. Unfortunately, the fireworks caused a large brush fire (where they were being set off), and the show ended early. No big finale! We were most disappointed.
Maya had a fab time though! Slap-happy beyond belief from staying up 2 hrs past bedtime! Crazy thing was that this was the first time she really noticed stars in the sky. It was a super-clear night, and the stars were amazing. We live far enough from big cities to not have much light interference. Maya was completely intrigued by them - even more intrigued than by the big fireworks!
Speaking of fireworks, Maya is in a 'Can I Eat It??' mode lately. Everything she sees.. especially if it is something new to her is met with the question 'Can I Eat It?' 'Can I Eat It?'. She was very distraught to find out that no, you cannot eat fireworks. Um.. owch.
And no, you cannot eat your pool noodle. And no, you cannot eat bubble wrap. No, you cannot eat Mommy's new sandals (what, is this girl part puppy??). And no, you cannot eat sand (though she keeps trying this new delicacy and finds it to be rather 'crunchy mom!').
I have nightmares that the girl gets expelled from pre-school for eating the playground equipment.

In other news, we are happy to report that ISRC (the orphanage in Kolkata) has finally received their new certificate! It is in-hand. The judge reportedly has a copy in-hand also and can now put our case on the docket. We aren't holding our breathe, but at least THAT delay is over. Please Mr Judge - hear our case!! We are missing sooo much time with our baby. :(( P L E A S E !!!

Hope you all had a fabulous holiday weekend!

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Amy said...

Ok - the "Can I eat it" is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!