Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mom: 1 - Toddler : 1

And.. it's a tie!
After beginning the week down a point (let's recall the chocolate bunny rampage).. I have redeemed myself by hopefully resolving the big 'dinner' issue. Completely unexepected actually, as I did not think there even WAS a resolution to this issue. For the past couple of months (at least), Maya has been boycotting dinner. I have no idea why.. as she is clearly hungry and I almost always make something that she finds appetizing.
Well.. I gave up the act of 'requiring' her to sit at the dinner table a few days ago. She wore me down one day and I just decided that if she was truly hungry, she would come to the table and get some food. I told her that she could eat at the table if she was hungry.. if not, she could just play.
To my utter shock - she played for about 1 minute and then came to the table! Not only that, she requested her booster chair.. and then she proceeded to actually EAT her dinner! OMG! Somewhere in hell, icicles were forming.
So mom learned a lesson, and toddler has eaten every night since with no struggle, no screaming, no whining, no thrown food. WOW.
It's also been a special week b/c potty-training has gone very well this week.. and Maya has moved to a toddler bed - in a new room! Of course, the room and bed switch just happened today, but so far so good.
Funny thing Maya has been doing recently: the weather has been warming, and we have been able to spend play-time outside most days. Her fav thing to do is take her little pink car outside and 'milk' it. Yes.. she milks her car and makes 'cow juice'. She sits behind it on the ground, reaches underneath the back, and 'milks'. ?? I can only assume this stems from her over-watching 'Barney On The Farm'???

In other news, we rec'd Devika updates this week. Early in the week we were told that she has a bad eczema flare-up and needed to receive medical treatment. It didn't sound too worrisome other than they mentioned that she was responding to treatment and slowly gaining weight. I was very worried that she had lost weight, so I requested some add'l info. We rec'd an update yesterday that her weight was 11 lbs, so that sounded good. And.. they said she was sitting up a little, she was smiling when spoken to, she was rolling over (all over her crib!), and she was trying to crawl!! :) How exciting! I'm very sad that we are missing her milestones, but I'm so happy that she is developing well.


The Labontes said...

It's so hard to believe that the tiny baby we got to meet in November is already rolling over! So glad to hear she is doing well.

(Max Rup's mom)

Julie & Patrick said...

Ah! the power struggles of a toddler! We aren't there yet, but see it coming :) I love these stories.

So glad to hear that Devika is problem isn't serious. Can't wait to see more pictures of her.

Julie R
(Devi's mom)

Peter and Nancy said...

Those wily toddlers -- score one for the grown-ups! I'm happy to hear that Devika is responding well the the meds and gaining weight. Isn't it good to know that the countdown is getting shorter every day?
-- Nancy (home with Anya Rashi for 3 months)