Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hi, My Name Is Maya

..and I am 2 1/2 yrs old. These are currently a few of my favorite things:
  • My new Dora 'princess dress' nightie (see photo). I want to wear this all day, every day. Mom won't let me.. she is so mean sometimes!
  • Talking on Mommy's phone - to anyone .. or no one!
  • Whining 'I DON'T LIIIIIIKE IT!!!' ..I used to just make whiny noises, but this is much more fun!
  • Tasha - my dog. I call her 'love bug' and 'big baby'. I give her lots of kisses and I include her in my bear tea-parties. Sometimes I try to ride her like a horse, but she doesn't understand 'go horsey!'.
  • My angel-bear. I feed her dinner and tea every night.. sometimes hot chocolate. She likes to eat strawberry-cheese-french fry ice-cream. I spend a lot of time cooking her dinner on my stove, now that I understand how to use the pots/pans, burner, and sink (pretend of course!).
  • Chicken nuggets, chicken noodle soup, peanut-butter, blueberry pancakes, rice crispy treats, 'Nanama's beans' (chick-peas), berries, Daddy's cereal (much to daddy's chagrin!), ice-cream
  • Singing 'Just Imagine' and dancing with Daddy
  • Making up songs about Thomas the train - I don't really like watching Thomas, but I love my Thomas toys and singing about him!
  • Still love the swings at the playground (wheeeeee!)! I often start singing Thomas songs very loudly while I'm singing.
  • My new Dora bike (big wheel, but I call it a bike) and my pink car.
  • I just learned how to use the potty! I'm very good at it now, and I like to use it ~25x/day and try to get a piece of choc-o-late (m&m) or a sucker every time! I tell everyone! {yes, EVERYONE!}
  • Mommy and Nanny. I'm not in a big Daddy mode right now.
  • My friends - Raina, Owen, baby Ella, baby Brandon, Krista, and Shannon
  • My grandparents, aunties, uncles, and cousins. I don't see them much, but I talk about them all the time and pray for them every night.
  • Grandma's turtle and snake (stuffed toys). I also pray for them every night.
  • My security-bear. I cannot sleep without him. I like to dress him up in my clothes.
  • Presents that come in the mail!
  • Gymnastics class. Well, the first 15 minutes. The other 30 minutes is not very fun b/c I exert all of my energy in the first 15. I love the Lollipop song and movements.. and I love doing 'popcorn' and the 'tuck, pike, straddle' song/moves. I don't jump yet, but I'm thinking about it. I do like to walk on the 'Thomas Bridge' {aka balance beam} - but only the high one! {go figure!}
  • I love to sing and dance! I still love the Broadway Kids singing 'Maybe' and 'Tomorrow' {Annie}.. and I sing VERY loudly with the songs. I know most of the words!
  • I love being around other kids and going places! I get very excited at the store (any store), and I get super-hyper when I play with kids at a playplace or museum! Mommy signed me up for pre-school starting in August at a local Montessori school. I think I will love it!
I do NOT like:
  • BEES (one flew by my ear yesterday and I freaked out! It buzzed right in my ear! I tell everyone.)
  • Mommy's bathtub. I wanted to take a bath in her big tub for so long.. but I tried it last week and it was SO scary!! I do NOT like mommy's tub. I tell everyone this also.
  • My car seat. I have always hated this, and now I can actually throw a HUGE fit when I'm getting buckled in so that everyone in nearby cars can hear this and think that my Mommy is beating on me. :) Hm. Maybe this should be filed under 'things that I like'?
  • Mommy and Daddy hugging. That is MY MOMMY! Hands off! Family hugs are acceptable.
  • Being tired or hungry. I am very very vocal about this!

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Starfish said...

What an adorable update! I love how she tells everyone about the things she doesn't like!