Thursday, January 24, 2008


Sadly, we are back home from Mexico. ;) It was a fabulous trip - the resort was AMAZING!! We stayed at Grand Velas, Nuevo Vallarta. We did a time-share trade, and it was even better than expected. Normally time-share trades for hotel/resorts have small rooms.. but we had a suite that must have been over 1000 sq feet.

I could not give it a higher recommendation - the service, the accomodations, the food... sigh. It's so harsh to return to reality and not have someone catering to your needs 24/7. Where is my room service? My pina colada? Sniff.. sniff.
Maya had a fantastic time also. She was, again, the hit of the resort. She makes friends everywhere she goes! Too bad there were no other kiddies her age to play with. She enjoyed her non-alcoholic coladas also. :)))

To my friends and fam waiting to see trip photos.. they are coming. I'm uploading one. We have a ton of them and I haven't had time to sort thru and upload. Next week, I promise!!

No time for updates right now, just wanted to say hello and we made it back with no Montezuma's revenge this time!! We are off to the mountains for the weekend.. and there are huge snowstorms beginning today. I hope we miss them when driving, as I am a completely paranoid back-seat driver on snowy mountain roads.

Have a great weekend!


Adoption Blog said...

Welcome back!

So glad you had a great time!

Of course Maya should be a Hit with everyone...she is such a little darling!

Hope you made I on time before the snow storm. go from one extreme to another, weather wise! HA!

I look forward to looking at the pictures of your fabulous trip.

I shall write to you a private email soon.

Hugs from Luxembourg,


Sr. Marie Morgan, OSF said...

Muy bien!

Starfish said...

So jealous! I need some warm weather! Glad you had fun - stay warm with the snow now.