Monday, January 28, 2008

From The Beach To The Slopes!

It was quite a week last week - on Sunday we were on the beach.. and on Thursday we were on the slopes! I have to say that the mountains were fun, but now the beach feels like it was months ago!
Maya had an incredibly good time -
she got the chance to sled for the first time! She completely loved it.. I think she'll be on skis next year. She was very put-out that she could not go on the bunny slope with her little friends - especially the chair-lift. I guess I'll need to learn to ski, or I might not see much of my family during winter months as the girls grow older! ..though I have no problem hanging out in the lodge with a cappuccino...

Here's a funny Maya tidbit for the day: Maya LOVES blueberries. Unfortunately, she can't pronounce them quite right. It took me a awhile to understand that when she kept saying 'I want BOOBIES!' .. she meant 'blueberries'. BAAHAA! Yeah girl, don't we all?


Peter and Nancy said...

Maya looks so cute all bundled up! I'm so glad you posted your blog address on the Dillon forum -- I can't wait to see the new photos of Devika as they arrive.
-- Nancy (home for 6 weeks with Anya Rashi)

Adoption Blog said...

Waow look at the Star and who is that paparazzo that takes awsome pictures??? ;-)

I see she has the matching hat, glasses and snow suit on! She looks...dashing as my husband would say!

I guess you would have to learn to ski otherwise yes you won't see much of your family during the winter months. How far do you live from Vail?

We used to live in Geneva, Switzerland so we lived about 40 minutes away from the nearest slopes and that was so much fun! Nowadays it is a different story...about 3-4 hours for beginners slopes otherwise...5-7 to some Very decent skiing in either Switzerland, France and or Austria.

Oh and before I forget Maya, Bhavishya is desperate for some boobies too...and btw her Mummy too! LoL!!!

She really looks ADORABLE!



Julie & Patrick said...

I can't think of a better way to while away the hours, days and months until you can be united with Devika...the beach and then the slopes!

Sounds like alot of fun!!

Julie R
(Devi's mom)