Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Few More Glimpses

..of our new baby!
What a sweetie!
Btw, we are keeping a piece of her Bengali-given name, and naming her:
Devika Noelle Sata. Yipes.. long name.. but we did that for Maya also (Maya Jasmine Rekha). We think that it is important for her to carry a piece of her past with her into the future.


Kristi said...

Gorgeous, Gorgeous Girl!!!!

:) Kristi

Sheri said...

Your new daughter is beautiful!!
What a great holiday for you guys!

Anjanette said...

Yay Amy!!

So excited for your whole family. I bet Maya is thrilled to be a big sister. Praying things move quickly.

Peter and Nancy said...

We're so happy for your terrific news! She is a precious little baby, and we pray that being busy with Maya will help the months fly by until Devika can come home.
-- Nancy (mom to Aaron, Nathan, and Anya Rashi)

Starfish said...

Holy Moley that was QUICK! Congratulations she's beautiful!!

Sr. Marie Morgan, OSF said...

I'm so glad you added Sata! Neat! :)

Sr. Marie Morgan, OSF said...

Hey - you need to change your profile to "Our family has grown by 4 feet! :)"