Monday, August 27, 2007

Scarred Again

I read several mom-blogs, and most of the time I read stories about emotional moments. Heart-warming accounts of life with their eagerly-anticipated little angel. Proud mommy tales of smart, loving, adorable bundles of joy.

And occasionally I read a blog entry that details a REAL LIFE mommy moment.

By real life I mean.. well.. the type of moment where you realize that the honeymoon is over and you are truly family for the long haul. Not sure if someone who hasn't suffered thru infertility and/or the adoption process would
completely understand this. I know that some of my friends who have gone thru hell to build their family still have days of remembering the wait. Days of 'omg I am so so lucky to finally be a mom'. You look at your child and still feel a bit shocked that he or she is actually there with you - calling you 'mama' and holding your hand. Even when the child occasionally acts out (especially in the first few months of parenthood), you correct him/her, but hide a secret smile and squelch the urge to hug the child simply for being.. a child.

And then you experience a true 'mom moment'.
Like when you glance back at your child in her carseat as you are driving down the highway and notice that her adorable little finger is plunged into the depths of a nostril. And as you are considering how to not draw attention to it, but pondering a way to make her stop - you glance back and can only look on in horror. You are driving 75 mph in rush-hour traffic and have no possibility of stopping it ~ the cute little finger emerges with a prize.. and is instantly popped into the beautiful little angel's mouth.
Wonder if that type of parenting experience is mentioned in any book? ..I actually hope not, as it isn't something I would want to read about.

And then you start thinking about horrid places for this to occur again {and pray that it doesn't}. Will it be church? A visit with the snooty new neighbors? A party full of old friends who are meeting the child for the first time?
Ahhh.. the joys of parenthood.

So I was looking forward to a nice, chilly glass of sauvignon blanc with my lunch today. We ventured out to a local restaurant that I completely love. We rarely go there - not sure why, as the food is amazing. Not extremely child-friendly maybe.
Anyhow, Maya was in a great mood.. we had a perfect shady table outside by the waterfall.. I ordered my much-anticipated glass of vino, along with a yummy sounding fish entree. I had my first sip of vino and a spoon of amazing jalapeƱo-clam chowder...
and one of my freaking temp crowns fell off. ARGH!

Somewhat coincidentally, the restaurant was in the same shopping plaza as my dentist.. so I got up and walked over to see what they could do. It took them 2 tries to get the stupid thing cemented on. They decided I needed to take an antibiotic for the tooth (the root canal one) b/c it looked a bit problematic.. and it took them 15 more minutes to get the prescrip to print. By the time I left their office, Aj had pulled up outside with my fish in a to-go box and my vino in his stomach.
I was most depressed.

But, to end on an up-note.. one of the main reasons for the celebratory lunch .. we rec'd our last apostilled doc today {photo to left of our FedEx friend leaving our driveway!} and shipped our completed dossier out - ups overnight air!! Yippee!!
So hopefully we'll have news soon about our 2nd little .. adorable.. nose-picking.. bundle of joy. :)


Sr. Marie Morgan, OSF said...

Darling picture!

Starfish said...

Holy cow when did she get so big? She is such a beauty, now more than ever!

Your post reminded me of when we went camping a few months ago - we were in a local spot having breakfast, when our son, who won't stop staring at the people at the next table, also won't stop picking his nose. Then, to make matters worse, he lets out this huge burp! NICE! Yes, Hi, we're the classy family from NY, nice to meet you!

Happily watching said...

Hey, does Fed Ex take UPS packages??
:-) Hee Hee :-)

Congrats on getting all the paperwork in!

Adoption Blog said...

Your daughter is so so Darling!

So far I have never seen Bhavishya put any fingers in her nose. I remember my brother doing so. At the time my Mom asked the pediatrician what to do with little boys how do that...he replied to my brother "Well we either sew the nostrals or cut the little fingers off the children who do that" Guess what? It worked! but we were all very traumatised...still today!!!

Have you heard anything about a little brother or sister for Maya? We have been checking your blog a few times a day for a week now!

If not we do hope and pray it will be soon!

Just one last thing...thank you for your recommendations re a camera for Mark's bday present. We got the Canon EOS you recommend it and we are thrilled! We've got the most beautiful pictures with it and guess what...NO MORE DELAYS! ;-)))

God bless,