Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Our little blessing was blessed herself on August 11th!
Maya was baptized at my parent's parish in Indiana. It was such a nice event.. most of the members of our families were present, and some of our closest friends. Maya was absolutely stunning in her beautiful little white gown - though it was difficult to see and appreciate the gown as she had a death-grip on her bear the entire time! We decided that the bear could partake in the ceremony also, as he is most definitely an important member of our family by now.
Thankfully, there were no 'funniest home video' type moments. A big sigh of relief from mommy on that!! The only moment that generated many chuckles was when the priest was trying to bless Maya with the baptismal oil by making the sign of the cross on her forehead, and she dropped her bear on the floor. He had to pause in mid-sign while she scooped bear up from the floor and then allowed him to continue. :)
I also heard about random cuteness that I did not notice during the ceremony because I was holding her and trying to participate. At one point she reached over and patted her Godmommy (my sister) on the arm and then took her finger and held it in her hand for awhile. At another point I heard that she was giving very small and somber waves at different people in attendance (they were standing around us in a circle). Too cute! She was such a little angel, I was very proud. ..sniff.. :)
If you are so inclined, feel free to view a snipit of the ceremony that was videotaped by Maya's Auntie. It just happens to include the bear-dropping incident.

I am HOPING that someone in my family (or friends) who attended the baptism will please send me photos!! There were a zillion photos taken and I'd really like to have some of them .. HINTHINTHINT! :))) I promise to post a couple more as soon as some kind person sends them to me..
And last, but not least.. more moments of cuteness. Btw.. you might notice that there are no photos of my parents in this batch.. I'm hoping someone has one to send me. My mom would probably kill me for posting a photo of her - as she has lost her hair from chemo and wears hats (and she was very PO'd about anyone photographing her on that day) - but I say in 100% complete honesty - I think she is beautiful in her hats. She has matching scarves (they go around the hats) for every outfit she owns. Wonder where I get my clothing obsession? Wonder no more!

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Nadra said...

What a sweet, beautiful moment. I love the video clip. She's looking rather tall Amy...where did the baby go?