Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So Little Time

.. to update my blog lately!!

Life has been a bit hectic. First, we had friends visiting us during the week of the 1st - 8th. Todd - Maya's Godfather, his wife, and their 2 adorable little girls (age 2 and 5). It was a very fun week - nice to see and spend time with them, and interesting to watch Maya's unhappy introduction to the world of SHARING. It is bad enough for her to share her toys during short playdates.. it was almost too much for her to share for several days. By the end of the week she was a tad better.. I think she had stopped punching the other girls in the face for touching her toys. .. I think. Maybe she just became more subtle?
The girl might be small, but she can sure pack a punch!
Anyhow, sharing aside, Maya loved having the girls here. We also traveled at the end of the week with everyone to Vail for a couple of days. The weather was amazing - too bad the aspens had not begun to change color. We did, however, manage to make it to Vail's Oktoberfest, so that was a bonus! Maya and her new friends were quite entertaining with their dance moves. Maya kept dancing in circles in front of the band and then running toward the seated audience and doing some type of arm-waving/hand-shaking move at them, and then running back to dance in circles. Sadly, all of us forgot our videocams on that evening - doesn't that figure??
After our friends left, I flew back to my hometown in IN on the 9th. My dad had knee-replacement surgery on the 8th, and I wanted to help he and my mom during that week. My mom is still going thru chemo and doesn't drive. Plus, control freak that I am, I could not be 1000 miles away when my dad went thru this! He is, luckily, doing very well. No complications and he is recovering nicely (though painfully). He was lucky to have a very nice roommate - a guy who had the same operation on the same day. They were so hilarious - it was like a slumber party in their room! I don't know what type of drugs the nurses were slipping them, but they were MUCH too jovial during their first few days of recovery! They had 'walker-races' down the hallways every day and probably both gained 10 lbs with the number of ice-cream shakes they conned people into bringing to them. A bit scary, but nice to see my dad finally in a good mood after being grumpy due to his immense knee pain this past year. :))
So I returned home last Saturday evening, and was met by a sick baby. :(( My hubby, btw, did an amazing daddy job while I was gone. I was most impressed - though I never doubted that he could do it! He is praising God that Maya didn't get sick until mommy returned. Maya's temp shot up on Saturday night.. and then even higher on Sunday (up to 104.5 - owch!). Come to find out, she has an ear infection and roseola. Poor baby!! This has been a long week for everyone. We had a couple of nights that she woke constantly and required rocking. Definitely the worst sickness she has had since coming home. I guess we are lucky in that regard, but I wish she would start feeling better! Her fever is finally down today, but she is still irritable/groggy/not eating or drinking. Her 19.5 lbs has probably gone down a little.
I'm hoping Maya is better by tomorrow. We have tickets on Friday to ride on Thomas the Train at the Train Museum. It's a once-a-year train visit, and I know she would love it. Hope she is no longer rashy with the roseola so that she can be around other kids. I'm also hosting a 'Moms Night Out' cocktail party on Friday night for moms in my neighborhood. It isn't easy to meet other moms in our neighborhood - our houses are spaced pretty far apart. I thought this might be a nice way to finally meet some other moms. Should be a good time - hoping I don't need to cancel due to sick baby.
We also had to keep putting off Maya's 2nd Birthday celebration because she hasn't felt well. She is finally feeling a little better today, so we are breaking out the cupcakes and the presents! Her big exciting gift is a CAR! :) She LOVES LOVES LOVES cars, so I'm sure she will be glued to it immediately.
Last - please keep baby Emy and her family in your prayers: Emy's parents adopted a child through the same agency and orphanage that we used (Mia). They found out later that they were pg, and the baby recently arrived 3 months early. Reminds me of when my nephew/Godson was born 2 months early. Lots of scary health issues.. but he is 5-yr old living proof that miracles happen and prayer works!


Starfish said...

Wow, lots going on. Glad Maya is feeling better.

I've reported Emy's situation to Stirrup Queens, I hope readers will go and wish her well. I know I will

Adoption Blog said...

Yeap indeed lots going on! I am also glad Maya is doing better.

A big hug to your little Princess