Thursday, June 14, 2007

The harder the fall, the higher the bounce

I promise.. a very happy, fuzzy, reflective blog post is coming. It seems that I normally blog when I am feeling up and excited about something. Yes, it is usually something to do with my adorable and fabulous daughter (me biased? Nooo!) Well blog-world.. today is NOT an 'up' day. And since I am all out of good vino .. and {gasp} .. don't feel like sipping vino anyhow.. {double gasp!} .. I need an outlet. I am promising myself that I will end on a positive note.
WHAT A HORRID DAY WAS TODAY! Seriously.. I need a cocktail, a warm jacuzzi tub with calming aromas, and my latest amusing audiobook on my ipod. I'm into this bridget-jonesy-ish type humor lately. 'Match Me If You Can' is my current read/listen. I just finished a Sophie Kinsella, and I have about 6 more of hers on my Wish List. Laugh-out-loud audio books definitely make my day. But I digress..
Omg - must interject - the most amazing sunset is occurring outside my office window (home office that is)!! The sun is setting behind the mountains, and the entire sky is awash in pinks, purples, blues, greens, oranges.. hold on. I must gawk for a moment, it might lift my spirits.
Ok.. wow. So back to my horrid day. Here's a hi-level synopsis: One of my two jobs that I alluded to in a previous post and did not mention - is property management. Why didn't I mention it? Oh - probably b/c I keep trying to forget that I do it. I hate it. If you have ever managed rental property, you understand. It really does lead you to question whether or not the human race is salvageable. Sound harsh? I thought so before I began that job also. I was all 'oh, the majority of people are good'. HA! Naivety. I think it all changed for me during the 4th or 5th eviction hearing that I stood up in front of a judge and listened to a tenant who had not paid rent in at least 3 months (after I tried repeatedly to help them by setting up payment plans, giving them extensions, dismissing late fees, listening sympathetically to their pathetic life stories, etcetc) tell the judge what a mean, horrible, unfair, racist, unethical, foul-mouthed, lying, {insert additional insults here}, person I am. ME!!?? siiiiiiigh.
My husband and I moved from the Midwest a couple of years ago and left behind several rental properties that I continue to manage. There are 2 larger properties that are impossible to manage from out-of-state, so they are managed by a different local company (let THEM stand before the judge and be verbally battered). Well.. one of these properties had some huge issues associated with it today.. no need for details, but these issues included law enforcement/city government..loss of tenants..and what will end up being extremely high financial repercussions for the owners.. and that would be.. us.
Doesn't sound so bad when condensed does it? Doesn't sound so bad until you think about the trickle-down effect of high financial repercussions. Especially when you are trying to adopt a child in the near future, and that process isn't inexpensive. Our lives are always high-stress, but this is ridiculous. We have this crisis going on.. we are being audited, our jobs are both stressful, my mom is sick, and we are trying to be great parents and shield Maya from all of this stress.
On top of that, my stupid left leg is having some type of crazy pain that has been going on for 6 weeks now. And my neck joined in ~3 wks ago. Driving is a major challenge b/c I have to turn my entire dam body to check the lane to the right. And my left abdomen/side joined in ~2 wks ago. I've had some type of stomach virus(?) two weekends out of the past 3.. and last weekend was so bad that I was beginning to think it was a gall bladder attack or something (vomiting on and off..mostly on.. for 9 hrs). So I'm limping around and feeling totally fatigued.. and totally like some kind of hypochondriac. My entire body is falling apart!! This is seriously resembling how I felt before my insane surgery in December.. so I hope it has nothing to do with the endo rearing it's ugly head again. My doctor is having me get an mri tomorrow, to check out my spine. If it comes back normal, I'm going to have my estrogen checked. I'm on HRT now, and I've heard that if it isn't working correctly, your entire body can crap out on you like this. Sooo.. blah.
Ok. I think that's it. I can't think of any other complaints! :) Feeling better already.. thank god for an outlet. If anyone is still reading.. don't worry, I'm really not losing it. Just needed a moment of release. I'm pretty good at handling stress as long as I can spew forth some bitching from time to time. :) I know that I have an amazingly wonderful life filled with blessings, and that my problems are teensy compared to many other people's probs, but hey - everyone deserves to whine on occasion.
So I promised myself that I would leave this post on an up-note. Let's see..
Oh yes! Lots to look forward to this weekend (as long as DH doesn't have a stroke or coronary from his stress issues). Baptism prep class (finally!!) on Saturday. Father's Day on Sunday - Maya and I have a day of relaxation planned for Daddy! And.. big excitement.. Saturday is our first Family Day/Gotcha Day/whatever you want to call it! We met our beautiful baby girl last year on June 16th in Kolkata, India. I have her Adoption Story video all ready to watch! Makes me teary just anticipating it. :)
So watch out.. big reflective blog post coming your way!
Here's to a happier tomorrow.
"Life is not about how fast you run, or how high you climb, but how well you bounce"


Pam said...

Wow, you can't get much crappier than that.... You have my prayers that all will work out without too much more stress.
BIG Hugs to you!

Nadra said...

Wish I could send you a nice bottle of wine. You need it girl. I tell you what....I'll have a glass for you and think of you the entire time.

Happy Gotcha Day to Maya!!! I remember following your blog last year as you met your precious Maya for the first time.

Hugs to you from Oklahoma!!

Starfish said...

I'm sorry today is not an up day. We just sold our two rental properties - so not worth it for all the reasons you mention - people are such a pain in the ass - although it was just two condos.

Anyway, I had to take a break from my preparations to respond to your comment. No, BT is not Indian, but the funny thing? He wishes he was! He has been to India twice and we both love the culture (I'm dying to go). We looked at India first for adoption but they were closed when we started. Isn't that funny!? Hope tomorrow is a brighter day!