Monday, June 4, 2007

Busy Weekend!

{Wow - a new post, only days after the last one! I must be learning to manage my time.. ;)))}
This past weekend was a busy one. Maya and I started a Moms-n-Tots gymnastics class on Saturday morning. And, might I add, it was somewhat pathetic. .. No .. it was very pathetic.
Seriously, they should have told us that it was cancelled due to low response.
When we showed up, there were 5 pre-schoolers (at least age 4) and Maya and I. Needless to say, the other kids could walk on a balance beam, stand on their heads, etc.. while we were lucky to stay in the designated area without simply wandering off. Pretend to 'make a pizza'???? We don't even know what the heck a pizza was! And name ingredients?? Oh good god. We're lucky to know our name! And this was only the first 5 minutes of the class. Can you say...
W A S T E O F M O N E Y???
Obviously they combined 2 classes due to
the low turnout. OH THX! I'm so glad we paid $45 so that I could spend the entire 45 minutes trying to keep Maya from being mowed down by crazy unsupervised preschoolers who would not wait for her to clear the area before throwing themselves into out-of-control tumbles and landing on my child's head (and, btw, I was not always successful).
That reminds me.. I need to call the Rec Center and complain tomorrow. I'm thinking that getting my money back and canceling this class would be the intelligent decision. Should be interesting to see if they allow this. OH - and the class is taught by kids who can't be
14 years old. Siiiiiiigh.
Well anyhow. My rant for the day I guess.
In other news.. we spent the rest of the weekend doing fun family-type things. Our local adoption agency (Adoption Alliance) had a picnic on Saturday afternoon. Was very nice. The park where
it was held had a small train ride and a petting zoo. These were both met with enthusiastic approval from our toddler. :) This was her first train ride - and since she has been looking at photos and yelling 'CHOO CHOOOOOOO' for weeks - this was good timing! The petting zoo was nice, though she kept trying to smooch the animals. Uh.. YUCK! Plus, one of the goats chewed on the sleeve of my shirt, which I didn't exactly appreciate. And - mental note for next time - do not wear sandals in the petting zoo. ick.
One fun moment was when, much to the amusement of everyone nearby, Maya took off chasing the turkey - which must have outweighed her by at least 3
0 lbs. He was quite cantankerous also. We grabbed her away quickly, as I think he could have given her a swift kick and knocked her into the nearby creek. I could see it in his eyes.. bad things were eminent.
We were very happy to see one family at the picnic that we had met during one of our training classes. They had fostered and then adopted a little baby girl. When we met them, she had just joined their family as a foster child. She had quite a few major medical issues and was not expected to live more than a couple of months. Needless to say, she has proven those doctors wrong! She looked amazing! She is now 2 1/2 yrs old and doing very well. She told me how old she was, and she was having a great time riding one of the playground springy-animals. Awesome!

On Sunday, we went for a hike at Castlewood Canyon. We tried out the baby-backpack that we had purchased ~ a year prior to bringing Maya home. She fit very well in it still (phew!), and she had sooooo much fun!! She was bouncing and laughing - yelling 'Hi!' and 'Hola!' to everyone we passed. So much for the tranquil setting.. haha! ;)
In other news.. my mom was recently diagnosed with metasticized breast cancer. :( It came back in her arm bone. She survived her first bout with BC 3 years ago, and we haven't been happy to see it return. She is going thru treatment and having some major bone pain. We are all praying that she is pain-free again soon and beats this beastly disease. If anyone out there would like to incorporate her in your prayers.. it would be appreciated.
And, ending this post on an up-note.. after many hours working on our yard - I have finally taken the upper hand against the onslaught of weeds that took over while we were in mexico! I know, that sounds silly.. but omg.. if you had seen the weeds.. I had no idea that anything could grow that
Our pond is also brimming with life these days. I've seen at least one toad.. we've had a blue heron visit a couple of times.. many, many other birds.. and - yay! My fish made it through the winter. I lost a couple, but I can see several survivors. Hopefully the snakes don't get them. I haven't seen our friend 'Bob'.. but I did see a snakeskin the other day that was well over 2' long and scared the #$% outta me.
We also have a momma-bird who built her nest in the transom window above our front door. A delivery guy told us the other day that the Chinese see this as a sign of good luck. Well.. we sure could use some - so welcome to you Momma-Bird!!

Happy Monday!

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