Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just When You Thought..

..that you are ready to hide in the back of the closet and cry because you are feeling overwhelmed by toddlers who are screaming, crying, hitting each other, fighting over toys, banging pans, licking shoes, smacking their heads into the hardwood flooring, spilling drinks, smacking yogurt across the kitchen, having blow-outs in their diapers, refusing to eat the dinner you managed to cook while being clung to like a life preserver in the middle of a raging ocean.. you are suddenly overwhelmed by cuteness and you almost.. almost.. forget the stress.

After I put Devika to bed this evening (at 6:30 - she was sooo tired - thank god!) - I took Maya outside to look at the gorgeous full moon.
There were the perfect amount of clouds surrounding it, so it reflected off the edges of the clouds and lit up the sky. The moonlight bounced off of the gurgling stream and reflected into the still pond, and a very light breeze rustled through the few remaining crispy leaves still clinging to the Aspens.
Maya padded out onto the moonlit deck in her roomy red footed-blanket-jammies (aka 'baby jammies').. and stood looking with wonder at the beautiful sky.
After a minute or so, a small voice filled with awe arose ~

'Mommy? Could you please lift me up so I can touch it?
I need to touch it please, Mommy.'
So I lifted her up and told her to reach out her arm.. but alas, she still could not reach the glowing moon.
'I can't reach it! Could you please stand on something tall?'

:) I took this moment to tell her that the only way that she could reach the moon would be to go to school and study very, very hard.. so that some day she could become an astronaut and could take a rocket to the moon.
'With Mommy??' she asked. 'Hmm.. we'll have to see about that.' I replied.
Now she is totally psyched to go to school tomorrow. And I'm totally psyched to end this day and start it all over again.


Peter and Nancy said...

This post is parenting in a nutshell. What a gorgeous request. Thanks for sharing your chaotic, lovely, profound day as a mother!
-- Nancy

Julie & Patrick said...

Ahhh!!! Those moments...just gotta love em. How cute...well, I guess you've got a future astronaut in your midst :)

Julie R

Todd and Michele said...

What a precious memory! Love their innocent honesty.

Fenwick Family said...

Way to go on describing a evening with toddlers.Atleast you have a while to decide if you will go on the trip to the moon,well maybe not,kids grow so fast.LOL,cute story,Gidget

A and Z said...

Wow. I just dont know how you do it. But yes, I am beginning to see the appreciate the rewards. What a great story!