Monday, November 17, 2008

Feelin Like A Fur Hag

Ever get the feeling that you are living a sitcom? Sometimes I think that I must be being 'punked' or something.. yet I never see any video playback. Thank god. My life sometimes reminds me of 'I Love Lucy' (my mom's all-time fav show, so I've seen many, many, many episodes}.
So if someone out there is filming a 'The Truman Show' type series on my life.. I hope you are enjoying.

Today's show opens with Mom and the 2 girls, busy in the kitchen.
3 yr old is whining loudly that she wants to sit in the highchair and be fed like a baby.
Baby is extremely tired and is trying to walk to mom and grab her leg, falling every other step and bursting into loud sobs.
Mom is trying to cook dinner for herself and 3-yr old (pasta is close to boiling over, oven timer is beeping, pasta sauce is bubbling away) as well as prepare a soy-formula-plus-Carnation-breakfast-micro'd-25-seconds-in-coffee-mug-first-bottle for (seemingly lactose-intolerant..ick) baby.
Mom opens the new formula can - crrrrrrrrrrrrk! - and POOF!
What must be a full cup of formula powder explodes from the can and instantly covers mom's face, mom's clothing, the countertop, the floor, part of the dog's head, and the top of the baby's head.
A moment of silence.

Haa.. Ok I enjoyed the title of this blog post. Hopefully my readers get the link b/t my day and Lindsay Lohan's encounter with PETA recently (it's on the news as I type). Yes, this is the kind of entertainment I get when the kids go to sleep by 7:30 pm, hubby is traveling, and I am out of vino. ;)

Ok, so off-subject, but I somehow (and please don't ask, but I'm really not sure how).. stumbled across the following video today. I laugh b/c it sounds so much like my MIL in the beginning '...this is a very popular dish with my husband.. you can feed him this every day." Heehee.. :) Ok that doesn't sound funny when I read back thru this.. but if you have an Indian MIL, you might appreciate (it's cute really!). I am so easily entertained these days I guess.
But in all honesty, I'm a little excited to find that these recipes are on youtube. I was just thinking today that, although our India trip was a bit painful and kept painfully hanging on for weeks after our return.. I soooo miss the food! Amy's brand micro-meals are good, but they aren't the real thing. {omg, I hope my MIL did not just read that!}


Julie & Patrick said...

We must be living similar lives...the POOF!! you mentioned, happens all the time. The silly thing is...I DO stop and look all around for that camera that I'm sure is going to come popping out from no where!!!

Love to hear your stories...they keep me laughing.

Julie R

The Pfeiffer Family said...

You paint a very vivid picture. I feel like I was there and saw it all unfold. Sorry for your rough night. Thanks for posting the cooking video. I will have to get daring and see if I can cook this and have it come out relatively close to what I saw..ha ha.

Apri :-)

Peter and Nancy said...

All you can do is laugh when there's much screaming, beeping, boiling, and POOFing. :o) Thanks for sharing a slice of real life! Makes the rest of us feel normal!
-- Nancy

A and Z said...

I'm glad I read this at the end of my "constanting melting down baby who wont sleep and keeps throwing food" day. I laughed out loud. Not to laugh at you (laughing WITH you) as I truly admire you and can't wait to meet you. :) zeena