Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Name Is Devika!

Hi, my name is Devika!
I'm a
funny little girl!
I love to dance and bang my head,
I'm learning how to twirl!

I'm only 13 lbs,
But I'm as strong as 33!
I do perfect somersaults,

It's something everyone should see!

When I came home
I was scared
My parents feared the worst.

I screamed and cried and rocked,
My parents worried I would burst!

Now I've been home
For 4 short weeks
The time has really flown!

It's amazing how much I've changed
And how big and tall I've grown!

I'm happy now,
I laugh a lot!
I've blossomed so fully
In the love that I've sought!

I'm pudgy and bouncy,
I jump and I walk.
I play with my sister,
I'm learning to talk!

Life as a family
Is so special you see?
I love my family
And they all love me!


Todd and Michele said...

Absolutely adorable. Love the poem, love the pictures. You a a very talented lady. With two very special daughters. Congrats again.

(mommy to Ahlyana and waiting for Dreyden(Debarpan) to come home)

Sr. Marie Morgan, OSF said...

What a beaut! :)

The Labontes said...

LOVE the hairdo. She is really blossoming.

Julie & Patrick said...

Oh! the change so quickly. She is growing up into a little lady. Just cute as a button!

Julie R

Lange Family said...

Love it Love it Love it!!! Can barely wait to meet you Devika!!!!!

Sheri said...

Devika is beautiful!!
I am so happy for all of you and that things are going well!

Peter and Nancy said...

She is such a gorgeous little girl -- and you're mighty creative! What a sweet rememberance for Devika when she's older . . . it's like having her very own Dr. Seuss book. :o)
-- Nancy

Sara said...

Beautiful! It's so neat to see the HUGE difference in these recent photos compared to the one at the children's home. She is blossoming in your home and it shows!

A and Z said...

I have NO idea how you have time to blog with TWO. I am struggling with ONE. You amaze me and I hope someday our families can meet!

The Pfeiffer Family said...

Devika is darling!!! I love how happy and comfortable she looks in these photos. Your poem is great. What a wonderful memory for Devika as she gets older. Enjoy your two beautiful girls.

April #6 waiting for Alesha

Amanda said...

She is so adorable. I'm so glad that she is adjusting.

Adoption Blog said...

Darling! She is so beautiful!
She has changed so much and so fast!

Hugs from Luxembourg!

Fenwick Family said...

So precious,she is so cute!I like the pictures and congrats to you all.

Evelyn, Joe,and Gabrielle said...

Amy and Ajay-

We couldn't be happier for you!!!! Devika is truly a lucky girl, not to mention Maya as well..

Biggest of hugs and kisses to all-
Joe, Evelyn, and Gabrielle