Friday, December 28, 2007

Santa Sighting

pimp myspace Had to document this.. On Christmas Eve, we went to the Christmas Eve mass. On the way in, a kind older-woman held the door for Maya and I (was a VERY cold evening). This woman was probably in her 60's, had shoulder-length gray hair, and was a bit round-bodied. Maya saw her and instantly became VERY excited. She started clapping, pointing, and yelling - "Santa! Santa Claus!!". I literally had to run her into the church and as far from the woman as we could get so that she was no longer in sight. She would not stop yelling for Santa until we were out of the area. Yikes! Gotta luv the little children eh? :))
No more new-baby info yet, sorry! We want to wait to post more until we 'officially' submit our acceptance. We did, however, decide on a name today (our original choice just did not seem to fit once we saw her sweet little photo). We'll post an official announcement soon!


Adoption Blog said...

Oh my, some people are very strange indeed!

We cannot wait to hear all about this little Doll! In fact I come to check your blog a few times a day to find out more about her.

God bless,

Sas in Luxembourg

Nadra said...

The innocence of toddlers...gotta love it.

Can't wait to hear more about your new Indian Princess!!

Adoption Blog said...


I would like to write to you a private email but I cannot find your email address. Would you be so kind as to write to me on: so I can write to you in private.

Thank you,


Amanda said...

Can't wait to hear more. Congratulations.