Friday, December 21, 2007

The Reason For The Season

Maya has been soo cute lately! 2 is a very fun age. Yes, she is still in her 'slapping' phase, which I have no idea how to end.. but she is mostly just adorable! She now loves Barney as well as Elmo.. and loves to watch them both on DVD. She would watch all day if we would let her I believe. She knows many words to most of the songs and sings along in a very loud (and quite off-tune!) voice. She loves Xmas songs, and sings and dances to them whenever she hears them. Her fav is Jingle Bells.. as well as Barney's 'Just Imagine' song. She and Daddy dance to 'Just Imagine'. It is too cute! She is getting excited about Christmas and Santa, though I doubt she understands much. We read the Christmas Story often, and have our nativity advent calendar, so I hope she will start to also learn the true meaning behind the holiday.
Some of the most adorable moments are when she tries to say 'peppermint' (I can't even type what she comes out with, but it has 6-8 syllables!) or 'sack of potatoes' (SACK OF DA-DAY-DOUGHS!). Her godfather gave her a singing Elmo xmas stocking, and she loves to dance and sing with it.
Maya dances mostly in circles.. which actually caused her to vomit the other day! She vomited, got cleaned up, and tried to go back to dancing in circles! I've been trying to introduce her to other dance forms since.. as we don't want to make that a regular event! However, circles are still popular.
This is a very entertaining time of her life! We have video clips and photos coming.. but my desktop computer recently blew up, so my electronic media is in a bit of a halted state.
Stay tuned..

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