Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

Btw.. IT'S A GIRL!!!!
Maya's going to have a little sister!!!!
More details to come, but had to share. What a wonderful Christmas gift!

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Nadra said...

Yay...Hip, Hip Hooray!!! I've checked your blog at least 30 times today. Congrats Amy....I'm so happy for you guys. Can't wait to hear more.

Merry Christmas indeed!!!

Todd and Michele said...

Congrats to your family. I am so excited for you. Really looking forward to pictures!

What a great way to bring in a new year.

(Ahlyana's Mommy)

Kristi said...

That is so exciting!!!! Congratulations!!! Hope everything from here on out goes as quickly as it did with Maya. :)
Can't wait to hear details...and her new name!

Kristi (Daya's mama)

Pam said...

You are leaving us all on a cliffhanger here.....;o) Dangling the carrot in front of all of our noses. Clever girl. Drag it out as long as possible.
CONGRATULATIONS! I can't wait to hear it all, her name, see her picture(s).....details details! ;o)

Starfish said...

Merry Christmas and CONGRATULATIONS!! How exciting!