Thursday, October 16, 2008

2 Babies

Not sure how I can find time to blog ever again.. haha! :) Life has become very hectic in the past 24+ hrs! Frankly the biggest issue right now is Maya.. wanting to be the baby and being very very very needy (normal I know.. just painful!). Devika also wants to be the baby (haha).. but her high-maintenance-ness is to be expected. She is doing pretty well - still wants to be touching Daddy, if he is within sight. If not, she seems pretty happy with me. Not that there is any other choice.. ;) She is crawling, pulling herself up, and starting to laugh and play a little.

She gets very sad on occasion, which just breaks my heart. You can see it in her face and her little tiny eyes. When she wakes, she is still disoriented and then begins grieving again. Soo heart-breaking. I hate this transition period, it just hurts. You can't do anything but hold them and try to love them through it. I'm very glad that she latched on to Ajay. She is eating/pooping/sleeping.. so I think we can get her home in one piece!

She finally is sleeping for the night (I hope).. so I'm going to go try to get some sleep. We've had visa processing issues (the cable was never sent from Delhi and it FINALLY arrived at ~5 pm today after about 20 calls and emails from us, Dillon, and the Kolkata embassy) and spent some unnecessary time at the Embassy today. Tomorrow we will be there at 9 am, however, and will leave with her visa in-hand. PHEW. We really thought, most of today, that we would not be flying home tomorrow night as intended. THAT is a relief. I have to get away from this indian food.. i won't fit into my clothing for the ride home.. ;)

Update: WE HAVE THE VISA!! We went to the Embassy this morning and were given the golden packet! Yay!! USA here we come... we leave our hotel at 9 pm tonite to begin the long journey home. Can't wait! :))
Here's another glimpse of our sweetie:


Kristi said...

Yay for the golden packet! Glad that worked out for you. Love the video, the girls are just precious.

I hear you on the Indian food...I definitely gained a few pounds last time we were there. ;)

Have a safe trip home!

Åsa said...

I am happy that you know have the visa and can go home.Have a nice trip and hope that the flight goos well for the girls.Have you time to take any pitcher of Avik?

hug/Åsa Sweden

The Labontes said...

So glad to here the Visa worked out. We had the same problems with the embassy. They kept telling us "no problem" but them never did it. Thank God for Ms. Roy.

Karen said...

Congratulations!!! Baby, golden packet, on your way home... we're so happy for you. Devika is gorgeous, such a little sweetie. Great video! Maya looks so proud and big-sisterish. What a gorgeous family!

Karen - Jenya's mama

Peter and Nancy said...

Whew -- big sigh of relief for that packet! I love seeing your girls . . . they are just gorgeous. And you are being so patient and understanding with Maya.
-- Nancy

Sr. Marie Morgan, OSF said...

I'm showing this video to all my classes today and they are all melting on the floor...even the guys! HAHAHHA :0) Smooches to Woo and Woo Too :)

Nadra said... glad that you're on your way home.

Devika is adorable....and it looks like she loves her Daddy.

I'm praying that your flight is safe and as peaceful as possible.

Blog when you can....just so we all know that you're home safe and sound.


Julie & Patrick said...

What a doll baby! Your girls are beautiful. Glad that you can now rest a little and prepare, without worry about the golden packet, for the trip home.

Have a safe and uneventful trip :)

Julie R

The Pfeiffer Family said...

So happy you got the visa!! You are almost home. It was fun to see the video of your girls. You have beautiful daughters. Safe travels home.


Amy said...

So glad you can come home on time. Devika is just beautiful! The video was too sweet!

Amy T

Waiting on NOC for Simeon Neon

Eric and Cheryl said...

What a precious family of 4! I loved the video and can't wait to see more pictures when you get home.


Pam said...

Adorable Amy!! Can't wait for the post that says you guys are home! I missed all the good stuff, we were at our training for #2! ;)