Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lighten Up!

Too much serious-ness lately. Thought I'd try a lighter entry today!
I finally have had time to get some personal photo-editing completed lately. This photo is of our princess in her baptism gown (yes, I really am THAT far behind.. sigh). :)
I think that this photo speaks many more than 1,000 words.

My current goal in life is to get a video clip of Maya singing 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' and wearing a costume spider hat. It keeps happening when I'm not near my camera, and the girl has suddenly become very camera-shy. I swear though - it will be posted soon!
Ok - so it snowed here today!! SNOW! It didn't accumulate, but it flurried for hours. Wierd.. it feels waaay too early for any type of snow.
So we had a pretty relaxed weekend. I did a photo shoot for a friend on Friday, and we enjoyed spending most of the day hanging out with them (I luv my job!). Maya and their little girl are the same age and are destined to be best friends!
Saturday we got a visit from a good friend of mine from my hometown. I finally met her b/f.. which is good b/c I was beginning to think she had a 'special' {aka imaginery} friend that I have heard about for many years now and have never met!! {haha.. j/k of course.. I'm sure she will read this.. ;)) It was great to meet him and to spend a couple of hours gossiping with them! Today was laid-back.. another Sunday of watching the Jets LOSE (grr) and catching up on some photo editing. I did notice today, however, that Maya and I now have actual and often complete conversations. When did she turn into such a little girl and stop being a baby?? She is more precious and more of a little person every day. I can't believe we'll have two of them soon!!

Happy Monday!


Adoption Blog said...

Maya looks so darling and so so happy on this picture. I love her dress as well!

Bhavishya was baptised this summer as well and unfortunately I wasn't in charged of the photography...I was too busy doing other things such as making sure our 45 guests + were happy!

I have some cute pictures but none of the 3 (or shall I say the 4 of us...let's not forget Pashmina) and none of Bhavishya just looking gorgeous. I have a fun one of her in church with the candle in her hand behind her Daddy's legs. I guess I should try to edit it.

I so enjoy watching pictures of your DD as she so much reminds me of mine!

Here's wishing you all the best after all the hard time you went through lately.

Have a beautiful beautiful week,

Sas & Co from Luxembourg

Pam said...

Maya just looks adorable in this picture. She is beautiful! Hey want to come and shoot Micah's Christmas pics?? LOL!