Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Less Celebrated Firsts

We have celebrated a few 'Firsts' in our lives with our {cough-cough} adorable little 20.5-lb, 34" high bundle of joy in the past week or two.
  • First Time 'Using Her Words' To Express Frustration W/O Being Reminded By A Parent: Earlier this week, Maya became upset over something (I'm sure it was serious - such as an unfulfilled request for the ever-revered lollipop, or the inability of her bear to keep size 5 toddler shoes on his feet). To vent her frustration, she threw her beloved bear to the floor, yelled 'DAMMIT!', and stormed off down the hallway. Daddy congratulated Mommy for this proud moment.. but Mommy thinks that Daddy should share in the glory.
  • First Public Display of Affection: Yesterday, I took her on a quick trip to Target. Riding in a cart is always fun and entertaining, so off we went. The trip to Target was actually quite calm and enjoyable for both of us. I purchased a little toy Thomas the Train (she is going thru a MAJOR Thomas phase right now) for her, which was a big hit. On the way home, I realized that I needed to make a quick stop at Office Depot. We jaunted inside for a very quick, 1-item-only, shopping trip. As soon as we entered the store, I made the big mistake. I did not get a cart. Maya began yelling to 'walk-walk!', so I put her down on the floor. Immediately she laid down on the floor and giggled hysterically. I picked her up. She yelled to walk. I set her down again after telling her that she must walk on her feet. She promptly laid down and giggled even more hysterically. I picked her up. She yelled to walk. I refused. She began to slap me in the face. Now, we have dealt with this slapping issue in the past and she knows that it is VERY naughty and not to be tolerated. She has actually stopped doing it except in rare, extraordinarily-frustrated moments. Well, she obviously had figured out that in public places, she would not be reprimanded as she would be at home - there were no stairs for a 'time-out'. I could not set her down and ignore her for a few minutes (tho my 'Parenting w/Love & Logic' book tells me to do just this and walk away for a very short time to freak her out.. I forgot reading that chapter while in the moment). So slapping was suddenly a fabulous idea and VERY VERY funny. She continued to smack at my face and laugh hysterically, while I tried to tell her 'NO' and gain control of the situation.. while several women in line (none with children and all dressed in tailored suits and high heels of course) stared at us like we had mistakenly ventured into office supplies when we should have remained at Wal-Mart. Siiiigh.
In the midst of these uplifting parenting moments, we do still find ourselves taken in by M's complete cuteness most of the time. :) She is very into 'making food' for us with her pretend food, pans, plates, cups. She is always making 'coffees' and sometimes 'french toasts'. Her vocabulary constantly surprises me. The other day she came up and asked me for her 'baby corn' and 'eggplant' pretend foods. Not sure I knew what an eggplant was until I was in college (Midwest life - potatoes and corn-on-the-cob were our staples). Sure enough, I looked under the chair - and there they were! A little baby corn and a little purple eggplant.
She takes very good care of her bear, baby dolls, and Thomas the Train. They get fed, clothed, diapered, get told to 'sit down' or 'have a seat', are given positive reinforcement when they obey 'good girl!', are bathed on a regular basis, set on (sometimes 'in'..ugh) the training potty, sung lullabies to, kissed, and put to 'nite-nite'.
I hope she treats her future baby brother or sister as nicely! {dare to dream}

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Starfish said...

Isn't it hilarious to be torn between wanting to throw them out the window and hug them tightly? I just know seamonkey's first word is going to be "shit!"