Friday, July 17, 2009

Finally A New Post!

Maya's vocab translation:
Physical Therapy: Piz-sickle Therapy
Energy Bar: Injury Bar
Mom's Convertible: Mom's In-vertible
Kneepads (they came with her bike helmet): Knee Helmets

Maya and her famous conversations:
Maya {to her babysitter, in the car}: Excuse me Miss J, Excuse me MIss J!!
Miss J: Yes Maya?
Maya: You need to put both of your hands on the steering wheel. My mommy drives with two hands, you need to use two hands.

Maya {to a babysitter - who, btw, is 17 yrs old}: Do you have kids?
B: No
Maya: Why not?
B: I'm not old enough to have kids yet.
Maya: Well.. I think you need to go buy one.
B: Buy one??
Maya: Yes, there is a store for that.

Maya loves her 'The Safe Side' DVD (btw, i highly recommend it!!). During the show, they often give important safety tips and refer to them as 'Hot Tips!'. Today she came to me after watching the show and asked,
"Mommy? Do Hot Tips burn you?"

Maya was talking to her cousin, Andrew, on the phone today. After a few minutes of chatting, I heard her say:
"Hold on Andrew, talk to Bear for a minute".. she then walked the phone over to her bear (who was seated in the high chair having lunch I guess) and held the phone up to bear's ear. I could hear Andrew calling "Hello?? Helloooooo???" Hilarious!

One of my fav things to say when someone does something good is 'You're a rockstar!'. Daddy was recently putting a new doorknob on one of the doors. Maya was very interested in this and thought that it was quite a feat. She came running over to me yelling excitedly: "Mommy! Mommy! Come quick! Daddy put on a new doorknob!"
"Hey Daddy - you're a STARROCKER!!"
At this point, Dad and I had to laugh.. which made Maya a bit put-out. She amended her compliment: "Daddy.. you're.. you're.. BATMAN! DAddy is Batman! AND a starrocker."

Ahh.. I luv it when kids are this age! So cute.. so innocent. And.. you have to be SO careful what you say in front of them! Every time I try to explain something to Maya, I have to think about how it could be twisted and said back to someone else at god-knows-what-point. It's a challenge really.
Kids are doing great.. things are going well. Maya is outspoken and hilarious as always. She can be super-sweet one moment and horribly mean the next. She talks to the flowers outside if they are dying (ok, most of them are - I have no green thumbs!) and gives them kisses to help them grow. "Flowers need kisses too, Mommy"
With all the cute comments, however, come the painful ones. She sometimes thinks she can tell Mommy to 'shut-up' - which is NEVER a good thing. Last night she was put in her room to sleep at 7 pm (rather than 8:30 - which has been her bedtime recently) due to her inability to control her mouth. Sigh. I am sooo not looking forward to the teenage years!!
Devi is adjusting well to our family and becoming her own stubborn little person! She loves to scream 'MINE! MINE!' and yank toys away from her sister. She has the loudest, most blood-curdling yell I have ever heard. Our neighbors must think there is some bizarre form of child torture going on in our house every day!
Devi is, however, doing great. I don't feel like I have much to write about her. She chases her sister, plays, screams. She has to know where Maya is at every minute. If she doesn't see her, she will run around the house screaming 'mayA! mayA! mayA!' She does NOT like to be told 'No', and she throws immense tantrums - throwing her body into cabinets, backwards on the floor (or whatever might be behind her) at full speed, rolling across the room. She will be a great actress someday!
She is getting very good at going up and down the stairs. She has actually almost beat Maya on these skills - at 23 months! Awesome. She luvs Maya - gets a huge smile on her face every time that she sees her. Maya luvs her back - can't wait to see and play with her every day. Of course, they also love to fight with each other - but I have sisters - I know how that is!
Things are going very well, other than Devika is sick at least every 2-3 weeks. The pediatrician said that it is probably due to the fact that she was so premature.. pretty routine for preemie babies I guess. Blah.. poor Devi!

In other news, I'm still training for the Tri For The Cure Triathlon. Yes, that's right. I am now an athlete. ;) I really have been doing a decent job of training, though. I've surprised myself. I swim, bike, or run - or a combo of those - every day. I've recently begun transferring my swimming to open water, which has been very difficult for me. I paniced the first couple of times and could not swim at all (tho I can swim 45 min straight in my Endless Pool). Today was the first time that I was actually able to swim the 1/2 mile course that they have set up in a local lake. YAY!!! Very happy and feeling more confident now.
I'm very happy that a friend of mine talked me into training for this Tri.. I feel so much better about myself. I'm healthy, energetic, and driven. For the first time in my life (finally - at almost 39!!) I am in great physical shape. Other triathletes that I see at the reservoir, bike shop, etc.. always are surprised to hear that I'm training for my first Tri b/c I look so in-shape. So I guess that, even if I don't do well in the actual race, at least I look the part!! :D Hopefully I keep this up and don't slug-out again after Aug. 2nd. It's also nice to have something that is for 'me'. I know you moms out there will understand that. Especially as I'm not working much these days - waiting until the kids are in school this fall (well, school -slash- part-time childcare). It's hard for me not to work - I'm the personality type that really needs it. This race is filling that little 'missing piece'.

Well, hopefully I can update my blog more often and not post god-awfully long posts once every few months! I'd be surprised if anyone was still reading at this point! I'll try to do better.. at least post some photos more often (sorry, sorry!). :D


Traci said...

I'm still reading and so glad you're writing! Blogs are therapeutic during this wait. :) - Traci (waiting on NOC for Nikita)

The Pfeiffer Family said...

It was fun to read your update. I still read your blog. Your girls are getting so big. They are both adorable. Good job for you training for your first tri. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

April - #3 still waiting for referral- Today marks 1 year waiting!

Nadra said...

Yep...the "shut up" phrase is in Ian's vocab as well. He and Maya must channel each other :)

Can't wait to hear more about your triathalon. Good for you!

Your girls are adorable. Thanks for the update!

Julie & Patrick said...

Love the conversations that kids this age conger up. Their perception of the world can be so funny.

I've only done one tri but it was so incredibly fun! I hope you find the same is true for you.

Thanks for the update. Sounds like the kids are doing great!!

Julie R

Peter and Nancy said...

I love the Maya quotes! I do that with my kids, too, or I know I'd forget all the best stuff.

Have a great time with the triathlon -- I admire you for trying something new!
-- Nancy

Candice said...

The girls are so cute! I'm glad that things are going well. We are experiencing lots of tantrums with Micah as well. Maybe it will pass soon. :) Hang in there. And, good for you on the Tri-Athalon. I need to get out there and join a gym or something for some me time. :)