Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where To Begin?

Wow - it's been way too long since I have had the time to blog! Time.. or energy. Splitting time between the girls, training for the sprint triathlon coming up in early August, and way too much recent travel - leads to no time for blogging.
I have a blog entry coming soon.. we just returned from DisneyWorld, etc.. some fun things to update. No time at the moment, but I wanted to upload these videos for the amusement of my sister (who is the person talking to Maya on the phone). My chatty little mini-teenager:


Sr. Marie Morgan, OSF said...

HA HA! ok this gives me a whole new perspective on the conversation after watching her talk. Ha ha! It is kind of like playing the word association game with her... :)

Peter and Nancy said...

Oh my goodness -- it's kind of bizarre watching her expressions as she talks, because it feels like I'm watching footage of Anya Rashi in the future! She has many identical eyebrow & facial expressions . . . So much fun to watch!
-- Nancy