Monday, March 23, 2009

Be The Answer

Thanks everyone for the prayers and kind words/thoughts regarding my mom. It's been pretty crazy lately.. she has scared us a few times. She is really not doing very well right now.. she is fighting pain and nausea.. and trying to figure out a pain-killer dosage that doesn't cause her to literally fall over. She HAS fallen a few times, and has hurt her hip and banged her head. The drugs cause her to be somewhat incoherent. Luckily she has hours during the day lately where she is lo-dose and is 'mom' again. I hope these hours get longer and she rallies back into feeling somewhat human for at least awhile. I feel so sorry for her. I traveled to visit and help out a couple weeks ago, and I'm getting ready to return again. One of my sisters is staying with my parents and helping out.. she needs a break. I'm heading home again on April 3rd for a week. It's tough work - having to sleep with one eye open basically so that you know if she is wandering out of bed in the middle of the night and falling down.
I think the worst part now is that she knows that treatment had to be stopped, and the cancer is probably running rampant. She gets very depressed on occasion - partly from the prognosis and pain.. and partly b/c she hates having a lack of control. It isn't easy for a parent to let their children help so much - or at least in my family it is this way. My dad is having a horrible time dealing with our help. He is worse than mom with the control issues these days.. and it is so difficult on everyone. If we try to do anything to help, we get to hear 'I don't need anyone making decisions for me.. My kids don't need to run my life..' blahblahblah. Of course I completely understand. If my soulmate was going thru this, I don't know that I could even get out of bed and function every day. I just wish that there was more peace.
Keep the prayers coming.. she needs every single one of them.
In other news, I finished the membership film that I was creating for the Joint Council on International Children's Services. Here it is.. check it out!


Charlotte said...

I'm from belgium and i begin learn english, i hope you can understand my text.

My heart is with you , i lost my father with a cancer. I pray for you and your family.

I see the film, there are many orphan in the worl, too many. But i can understand why the system stop the chance for the orphan and the families for meeting.

My wich is to adopt an orphan not only a baby but a child need a momy. I want love him and help him for growing and to be happy. But i'm not married and the response is définitely no.

No because i'm alone, no because i'm not rich, no because i'm belgium. And never i hear the word love, capacity, child, give a chance, etc ...

I can't understand.

Peter and Nancy said...

What a beautiful job you did with the video . . . I'm crying here because of it, and because of the trials your mom and family are going through.

Two of my mom's brothers were in the place your mom is in right now. Stopping treatment is devastating, but I hope your mom and dad will find peace in the decision as the days go by.

God bless you and your sisters as you care for them. I will pray for you all.
-- Nancy

Pam said...

I'm so sorry for your family and the struggle your mom is going through! I can't say that I understand at all, but I am praying for you and them. I can't even imagine.
The video turned out awesome, I'm just sorry I was never able to get some pictures to you. I went back to work and computer time has been nil lately. As always, I'm so impressed by your work!